Air Bed Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Beds

Air Bed Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Beds

Air Bed Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Bed Pump Air Chamber Parts

Air Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number Beds

How to find and repair a Sleep Number® Bed pump and air chamber air leaks Fast!

Here is a link to a helpful video for Sleep Number® Bed Repair.


If you are experiencing Air Loss in your Sleep Number® Bed, use this Air Bed Leak Repair kit to fix it fast!

You will need to know how many hoses are on your Sleep Number® Bed. Each system has either 1 Hose, 2 Hoses or 4 Hoses.


Air Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Beds

  • F236 for Sleep Number® Bed Pump hoses.
  • M236 LG Hose for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers.
  • Cap for testing Sleep Number® Bed Pump and Air Chamber systems.
  • Patch for repairing  for Sleep Number® Bed Canvas Air Chambers.
  • This Air Leak Repair Kit is compatible with Select Comfort, Sleep Number®, and Comfortaire products sold in the U.S.A. by the Sleep Number® corporation.

Air Bed Repair Videos - Watch this video with Step By Step directions for how to repair your Sleep Number® bed.  

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    New Design ~ Pressure Bonded Hose Fittings for Sleep Number® Bed Air Leak Repair by St Louis Inventor Brandon Fry ~ AIRPRO at AirBedPros



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    - We do not sell the Sleep Number® brand air Bed parts or products or Select Comfort® SleepiQ® brand products, and we are in no way affiliated with the select comfort corp. The use of the trademarked names is for adaptability and compatibility purposes only. 

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