Air Bed Parts to Repair Bed Sagging

Air Bed Parts to Repair Bed Sagging

Air Bed Parts to Repair Bed Sagging - by Brandon Fry


If you have been suffering with a bed that sags, we can help, we offer replacement support foam air bed parts to help reduce the effects you may be experiencing. 


Our Replacement Support Foam Rails are designed with a nylon mesh wrap that connects the left side to the right and the head to the foot as sean in video above to lock the air chambers together.

By adding this interlocking design to your existing Bed, it will lock the air chambers together preventing the air chambers from sliding apart causing gaps form in the middle of your bed, causing rolling to the middle when the zipper cover stretches out. Preventing Bed Sagging 

Adding a Support Foam Insert from our Air Bed Parts selection will help take up the extra space inside the cover of your zippered cover and add support back that may be lost over years of use.

If you still have questions about Bed Sagging, or How To Repair your bed you can call AirBed Pros - we will be happy to help. We can provide you with quick easy tips to repair Bed Sagging and we ship our air bed parts out fast, so call to get yours ordered today @ (314) 599-2777





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