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Rebuild Your Sleep Number® Bed ~ Better Than New

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Better Than New

  • We do not sell Sleep Number® Brand Support Foam Parts. 

The concept for the new line of AIRPRO Air Bed Parts expands on the idea of rebuilding your existing sleep number® bed with better than new replacement air bed parts!

With the need for sleep number® bed pump and air chamber systems to be air tight to perform being the most important, the second most important is the air chambers inside the mattress also require firm support on all four sides in order to be able to raise and lower your body to a comfortable level.


If the support foam rails and sides of your Sleep Number® bed air chambers are bulging out, the sleep number® bed can sag in the middle causing sleeper to roll to one side or the other in search of support.



SUPPORT FOAM BUNDLE - Support Foam for Sleep Number Beds


The Proven Bed Sagging Fix for SleepNumber® Beds just got better!

With several different options for repairing your sleep number® bed sagging issues, we have come up with a “Support Foam Bundle” to include the parts you will need which includes a

1. Set of 6” support foam rails to lock the air chambers of your SleepNumber® Bed together,

2. A center foam divider for proper spacing of your SleepNumber® air chambers.

3. And a support foam insert the goes on top of your SleepNumber® air chambers.

All of these items are necessary for Repairing Bed Sagging in your SleepNumber ® mattress. Allowing you to lower your SleepNumber® setting and enjoy your SleepNumber® Bed better than when it was new!

Building on the ability to Rebuild your existing sleep number® bed to better than new condition, we have enhanced the foam density, as well as several design upgrades you are sure to see great benefits in.

Upgrade Your Sleep Number® Bed to Better Than New at !

Even if you purchased the support level of the Sleep Number® Bed p5 or 5000 model, you can rebuild your SleepNumber® Bed to the top of the line i10 quality or better with the help of our AIRPRO Air Bed Parts!


Do you own a Sleep Number® Bed that needs a Rebuild? Give Me a Call Today for fast friendly service!

Brandon Fry - Inventor
550 East Osage
Pacific, MO. 63069
(314) 599-2777




We do not sell Sleep Number® Beds, Sleep Number® support foam products, and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp. Select Comfort® Sleep Number® SleepiQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corp and are used for compatibility purposes only.

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