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AIRPRO Wireless Air Bed Pumps for Sleep Number® Beds

AIRPRO Wireless Air Bed Pumps for Sleep Number® Beds - Direct Connection Design only from AirBedPros


  • Direct Connection to Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Ports.
  • Wireless Remote Controls 2 Sides with settings from 1 to 60.



High Quality & Affordable, AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps are Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers and will provide you with hoses and connectors with direct connection to your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers ports. 



  • Direct Connection to Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® Air Chambers.


  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® brand air bed pumps.


If you have questions about how to replace a Sleep Number® bed pump, please call (314) 599-2777



We do not sell Sleep Number® pumps, SleepIQ® technology, or any other Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® products or services and we are in No Way Affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corp. Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, and SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes.





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