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Wireless Pump for Sleep Number® Beds

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Wireless Air Bed Pump for Sleep Number® Beds


~ NEW DESIGN Wireless Remote Control


Direct Connection to your Sleep Number® Parts

AIRPRO Air Bed Pump with Direct Connection to Sleep Number® Bed air chambers by Select Comfort®. Hose and Connectors included for easy installation.


  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® brand air bed pumps!


With several types of Sleep Number® bed pumps on the market, the best way to identify which Sleep Number® bed pump you have is to go by how many hoses it has. This helps narrow down which pump you have, either a 1 hose Sleep Number® bed pump, 2 hose Sleep Number® bed pump, 4 hose Sleep Number® bed pump (OR) 4 hose Sleep Number® bed pump with 1 sm and 1 lg hose per side. When replacing a four hose pump, use two caps to seal off the second port on each side.


  1. (Single Port) Sleep Number® beds with 1 hose per side for a total of (2) hoses on your Sleep Number® bed pump.
  2. (Dual Port) Sleep Number® beds with 2 hoses per side for a total of (4) hoses on your Sleep Number® bed pump that are all the same size.
  3. (FOUR PORT) Sleep Number® beds 4 hoses - 2 per side with 1 Sm & 1 Lg hose per side.


The AirPRO Bed Pump offers a F236 Direct Connection to your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber ports without the use of Adaptor Hoses!


Enjoy these added benefits; 

  • Wireless Remote Control.
  • Direct Connection to Sleep Number® Beds.
  • Pressure Bonded Hose Fittings.
  • Bed Fill and Memory Features.
  • 60 Comfort Settings per side.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.


We do not sell Sleep Number® pumps, SleepIQ® technology, or any other Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® products or services and we are in No Way Affiliated with Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, and SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes.

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