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CAP for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Ports

CAP for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Ports

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Air Chamber Cap For TESTING Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers

High Pressure Sealing Caps for Sleep Number® air chamber ports - These caps are needed to seal off air chambers when not in use or to test for air leaks. Examine your  Sleep Number® bed air chamber prior to installing to be sure port is bonded tightly inside the air chamber and that the o ring is still on the port.

Apply this Cap to Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber Nipples for Testing or Storing a Sleep Number® Air Chamber. Be sure to Cap Off the Port of Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers when not in use to prevent the inside of the air chambers from drying out when not in use.


  • We do not sell Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® Brand Beds or Parts!
  • Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Ports!


Use these air bed caps for testing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers for Air Leaks at the connection! Remove pump hose while the air chamber is fully inflated, and add the cap to the Sleep Number® bed air chamber port to hold the air inside the air chamber for testing or storing. 


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