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AIRPRO Air Chambers for Sleep Number® Beds

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AIRPRO Air Chambers

Replacement Air Chambers for Sleep Number® Beds 



M236 Pressure Bonded Hose fittings connect directly to your Sleep Number® Bed pump hose fittings!



  • M236 fitting pressurized inside the clear pvc hose for strength.
  • Using a pure silicone sleeve that fits inside the hose tightly and press against a hard flat surface to push inside wire hose.
  • Next, using a specially designed press, we pressurize the fitting inside the hose!
  • This method of pressure bonding is designed to compress the inside sleeve so it becomes almost an adhesive inside the wire hose. 
  • Finally we pressurize a M236 fitting inside the hose. This male fitting on the Air Chamber hose allows for testing and capping off of the air chambers for both repair and relocation of Sleep Number® Beds.
  • This interior pressure bonded hose fitting are available in every AIRPRO Air Chamber for use with Sleep Number® Beds.



Air Chambers for Sleep Number® Beds

M236 Direct Connection to

Sleep Number® Bed Pumps

 - Interior Pressure Bonded Hose Fittings 

Replacement Air Bed Chambers from Airbedpros offer a new design to include pressure bonded hose fittings to achieve air tight connections without external clamping or metal crimping that is used by other manufacturers of air beds.

  • Direct Connection to Sleep Number® Beds
  • Compatible with both 2 hose and 4 hose Sleep Number® Beds
  • We Do Not Sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Air Chambers and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporate entity. Sleep Number® Comfortaire® and Select Comfort® are registered trademarks

NEW Design


~ NO Adaptors Required to connect to your Sleep Number® Bed parts!


AIRPRO Air Chambers provide a Direct Connection to Sleep Number® Beds



Connect Your Sleep Number® Bed pump to AIRPRO air chambers

  • We do not sell Sleep Number® parts, pumps or air chambers or products.


AIRPRO Replacement Air Bed Chambers


Direct Connect Air Chambers for direct compatibility to Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® 

     - No Need for Adaptor Hoses to attach this air chamber to your Single Port Sleep Number® bed pump!


    • If you have 1 Hose Per Side on your Sleep Number® bed air chamber - Standard in most pumps!
    • If you have 2 Hoses Per Side on your Sleep Number® bed air chamber - Simply cap off the second port.


      Repalcing a Leaking Air Chamber or Bladder with our New Design Air Chambers no longer requires a adaptor hose. 

      The Quality construction of our Air Chambers begins with the Heavy Duty latex rubber which goes through a Vulcanized heat welding process to seal the interior walls and corners.  Each Air Chamber is tested to be air tight.  By using our Direct Connection, we have eliminated the need for adaptor hoses which lead to air loss at the connection down the road by the extra connection point causing an air leak.  Providing you with the highest quality support in the Adjustable Air Bed Industry.
      Use AIRPRO Replacement Air Chambers to replace leaking air chambers for Sleep Number® beds, Select Comfort® and More. 


      Have Questions or Need Help?
      Call our Air Bed Parts Department @ 314-599-2777 



      We do not sell the Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Air Chambers, and in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporate entity. 

      The information on this site in regards to Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers is strictly for comparison/adaptability and repair/replacement purposes only. Sleep Number® Comfortaire® and Select Comfort® are registered trademarks.

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