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Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds

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Available in 6 or 8 inch tall sizes


Firm Z70 Replacement Foam Support Rails for Sleep Number® Beds 

  • Add our FIRM Z70 support foam rails that are design with 45 degree angles to lock your that rails up straight and provide firm support for your Sleep Number® bed air chambers. Be Sure to Measure to see if your Sleep Number® foam rails are 6 inches tall or closer to 8 inches tall for proper fit. 
  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® brand Support Foam Rails.  We are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp or Sleep Number® brand products, the use of their trademark names is for compatibility purposes only.


Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® with 6 inch or 8 inch high Support Foam Rails


      AIRPRO Replacement Foam Support Rails - Add our Side Dominant Design foam support rails to provide firm support for Sleep Number® bed air chambers on all four sides so they can respond better to your body on top. This will prevent the air chamebrs from sliding apart and causing gaps to form in the middle of your Sleep Number® bed or Bed-Sagging.


      How do I know what size rails to get, mine look to be 7 or so inches tall!

      I would go with the 6 inch tall foam rails because that is the height of the air chambers.

      If you have a 7 or maybe 8 when it was new, you will have in rail foam below the chambers to raise them up.

      In this case, I would add a 2 inch over rail foam insert with 6 inch rails which will be a better fit.

      How do I know if I have a King or Split king, my bed has two air chambers inside one cover.

      That is a standard king, A Split King is for Adjustable bed frames so each side can raise and lower independently.

      My bed is Split at the top only, what size rails should I order?

      My bed is Split at the top only, what size rails should I order?

      Great parts to fix our sleep number bed!

      I was looking for a few parts to fix our sleep number bed. We originally had a standard 6" bed without pillow top and the inner foam walls and padding were aging but our pump air chambers and cover were working well.

      Factory would only sell us a complete new bed.

      After spending 45 minutes on hold with sleep number we hung up and called Air Bed Pros! And I'm very happy we did! Got the parts quickly and fit perfect!

      Love the Support Foam!

      Outstanding service, delivery and product. Our older queen sleep number bed is just like new. My husband was extremely impressed with the quality of the product.

      I have an old sleep by number bed and it was dipping in the middle

      I have an old sleep by number bed and it was dipping in the middle. I talked to Brandon and ordered new foam rails awhile back. He talked to me about ordering a new cover for my bed, but I thought mine looked good so I The rails helped a lot and initially the bed felt better, but I still had a dip in the center and was hesitant to spend the extra money.
      That all changed because I recently had back surgery and I found my bed uncomfortable . So I came back to this site, read reviews again, and decided to buy a new cover. I talked to Brandon. He was very helpful again and So, if you are reviewing this site and thinking about it but are not sure, go ahead and call him or order. You won't be sorry. Between the replaced rails and the cover my bed is like new.

      Thanks for your help Brandon.

      Brandon has been very helpful in helping me rebuild my 20 year old Select Comfort Bed.

      Brandon has been very helpful in helping me rebuild my 20 year old Select Comfort Bed. I started with a new mattress pad, which has made a world of difference and removed a lot of sagging in the bed. Decided to add the bundle and cover to finish it up and we are very happy!

      Excellent Products and Service

      This is a great company to deal with. Took the time to answer every question that I had. Found shipping to be fast and reasonable. The new replacement foam was an exact fit. Have been using the new foam for a week now and we both love the support it provides the air chambers. I have been able to lower my number and experience better sleep. my husband still sleeps at a firmer level but it is down to about a 40. Can ask for a better way to invest in better sleep.

      Bed Sagging Repair Success

      After waking up in a ‘pond’ , and a terrible backache , I googled sleep number bed foam replacement , thinking my foam in my i10 sleep number 4 year old bed was the problem . It was that google moment that I saw air bed pros. I instantly called and Brandon Answered and was able to explain what I was experiencing and knew just how to fix it! We ordered right away and so glad we did. Our old bed was so worn out, it was great to find out we could just use the old pump and air chambers that still work great. we bought a new pump about five years ago and that parts fine but the cover and foam were shot. This is the best purchase I have made in years, Great products to rebuild your Sleep Number Bed!


      My original bed was purchased over 10 years ago. You cannot get SN on the phone let alone order replacement foam from sleep number. I contacted Brandon and it was on. I decided to replace everything but the air bladders. I had to wait a bit on material to arrive as the mattress cover took longer to come in, Very Happy to Support Small Business Owners and Buy From Air Bed Pros. You get personalized service and quality product!

      Brandon is a Problem Solver!

      I purchased my select comfort bed years ago and loved it. At that time they were one of the fastest growing companies in the US. They are now sleep number. They have such a terrible attitude today. I needed a new reliable pump for my queen size bed and and foam insert (not convoluted foam). I really like the wireless remote I purchased from AirBed Pros.

      Soon I will be upgrading another Sleep Number bed (King Size) . I am sure Brandon will help me with that. He is a true problem solver. ..........

      Brandon knows his stuff!

      I called Brandon at air bed pros. I came away with more knowledge of my air mattress in 5 minutes than I received in 45 minutes with sleep number bed people. They were friendly enough at sleep number but the bottom line is they could not help me repair my bed. Brandon knew what was happening and just how to fix it. he can tell you the kind of bed you have just by asking a few questions. So glad he is around to help, Sincerely John Gibson