Do you have questions about how to repair your Sleep Number® Bed?

I can help, I’m the AIRPRO Air Bed Repair Man - Brandon Fry - Please reach out to my by phone email or text for fast service. (314) 599-2777 

Do you have questions about how to repair your Sleep Number® Bed Air Leaks?

I would suggest a Air Leak Repair Kit or possible a Pump or Air Chamber if necessary.

Your system can have several spots leaking;

  • 1. F236 Pump hose fittings - cracks can develop in the hose fitting itself. Replacing it is easy. 
  • 2. M236 Repair Hose - Air chamber port can have the head of the fitting break off - (check to see if is stuck in the pump hose fitting)
  • 3. M236 Small Repair Hose - Air Chamber Port can be pulled out, use this small hose to repair. 
  • 4. Latex Canvas Patch Kit - Pin hole leaks in the air chambers. Over time the latex core of the air chambers can get thin from stretching out and the canvas can dry out splintering the latex in areas making patching a difficult task.
  • 5. AIRPRO Wireless Pump - Older pumps can bleed off pressure causing intermittent air leaks as well. We can not repair their pumps, we would only be able to sell you a new pump if this is your issue.
  • 6. AIRPRO Air Chambers - Older air chambers can develop thin areas inside the chamber, which can cause clusters of pin hole leaks requiring the chamber to be replaced. AIRPRO Air Chambers offer a direct connection to your pump hose fittings.

Do you have questions about how to repair your Sleep Number® Bed Sagging? 

  • 1. Over time; air leaks can cause bed sagging from the sleeper tossing and turning to try to get comfortable. The constant air leaking out may even for the sleeper to raise the pressure up to a firmer level to add support with little help.
  • 2. More commonly with older air beds, natural breaking down of foam can cause bed sagging as well. Once the support foam breaks down the air chambers lose support on the sides which prevent the top from responding to your body like it should. This also will cause the sleeper to add air in regularly to try to gain support with often causes rolling to the middle or pressure and pain from having the chambers to firm.
  • 3. In addition to the other common causes, the mattress cover can stretch out much like your favorite pair of jeans. This is the part that adds extra space inside the cover which allows the air chambers to begin the move around and in most cases the top layer of foam can develop tears up the center between the air chambers and at the side walls. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your Sleep Number® Bed, reach out to me, My name is Brandon the AIRPRO Air Bed Repair Man!

I specialize in repairing and rebuilding Sleep Number® Beds. Shop our new design of Air Bed Parts to repair your Sleep Number® bed now or call me at (314) 599-2777 - Brandon AIRPRO

 Please Note; I do not sell Sleep Number® Bed brand products and I are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp!

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If you have questions about how to Repair your Sleep Number® bed Ask me, the AIRPRO Air Bed Repair Man!

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