FAQ - How to Repair Sleep Number® beds

Directions for Repairing your Sleep Number® Bed

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If you own a Sleep Number® Bed, you will want to know me!

My name is Brandon Fry - customers call me the AIRPRO!

Brandon Fry Air Bed Repair Man

 Step by Step I can walk you through How to Test and Repair Sleep Number® bed problems like bed sagging, air leaks in the pump and air chamber system and more with Air Bed parts from Airbedpros.com.

 With my Patent Pending Air Bed Repair Kits for Sleep Number® Beds M236-LG-Hose and the Deluxe Air Leak Repair Kits for Sleep Number® Beds that I have put together, you will be able to stop air leaks in Sleep Number® Bed air chambers and pump hose fittings, where they most commonly occur! 

 1. Repair Broken Sleep Number® Bed Pump Hose Connector  - use F-236 female push button fitting.

2. Repair Broken Oring on Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Fitting - Use M-236-LG-Hose with New Oring.

3. Repair Pin Hole Leaks in Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers - use Cap to Test the Air Chamber and Canvas Patch to repair them Included.

In order for me to explain how to add the Air Leak Repair Kit to your Sleep Number® Bed, I'm going to have to walk you through it Step by step,

I can show you how to repair any issue with your Sleep Number® bed and get you back to like new condition with the help of my AIRPRO air bed parts!

1. Let's start by unzipping the mattress cover of your Sleep Number® bed and rolling the top comfort layers to the bottom half of the bed out of the way - being sure to inspect for rips tears or breaking down of support foam as this will be a good time to look your Sleep Number® Bed parts over.

- Bed sagging in Sleep Number® beds can occur after an air leak has been undetected for a long period of time, the sleeper tends to toss and turn more trying to get comfortable with air escaping more each night. Restless sleep, rolling to the middle and more can all be the results from an air leak in your Sleep Number® bed that went I without being repaired. If you find yourself adding air to your Sleep Number® bed on a regular basis each night, you could be tearing or damaging support foam inside your Sleep Number® mattress!
2. Next, remove the head support foam rail from the Sleep Number® Bed zipper mattress cover and place it on top of the air chambers at the foot of the Sleep Number® Bed out of the way, this will expose the Sleep Number® air bed pump hoses and connectors. 

In most cases this can be a fairly easy way to locate the inside hoses and connectors for your Sleep Number® bed to inspection and repair them.
Now, you will need to know two (2) things about your Sleep Number® bed pump and air chamber parts before you can move on from this point??

How many hoses does your Sleep Number® bed pump system have?

Either 1 - 2 - 4 ???