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As an inventor, my goal is to fill a need. I thank you for purchasing through my website and look forward to reading your review of my service and my products in the future!


Brandon Fry ~ AIRPRO at



Read what our past customers are saying;


Tom R.


We saved thousands of dollars over the cost of a Sleep Number® Bed by going to Air Bed Pros and we have not regretted that decision for a moment!  We love our bed and it's quality is next to none!

If you read or hear Brandon's bio you will learn that he started out as a Sleep Number® bed salesman.  He started repairing their pumps on the side because he saw that once the warranty is over with SleepNumber® you pretty much don't exist as a customer anymore to them.  Because of the quality of the pumps in particular he decided to find a better manufacture.  Then after he found that manufacture he opened a store selling and servicing them, even the best products have to be repaired sometimes.

We have had one of their beds for almost 3 years.  I personally can sleep on any bed except ones that are rock hard but my wife has suffered with a bad back for years and she loves it.  

I did recently have a problem with my pump.  I had the option of sending it in under warranty to the manufacture or pay Brandon Fry a $100 service call charge.  I felt it was worth the cost to be sure that was the problem.  Brandon arrived a few minutes before he said he would.  He promptly diagnosed that the air pump was the issue and replaced it with a new from his van!.  

I would highly recommend Brandon Fry and Air Bed Pros over a Sleep Number® any day of the week!


  • Tim D.  Clearwater, FL

I am here to leave a service testimony. I found the Air Bed Pros by accident. I was looking on the Internet to find replacement parts to refurbish my air bed, a bed produced by another company. Mostly, what I was finding was used parts on Ebay...and used parts didnd sound very appealing.  So, I kept digging through Google.  They weren't easy to find, but I am glad I persisted in my search.  Air Bed Pros had the parts I needed and were able to fill the order and get me the everything I needed in 4 business days, which is amazing since my order was placed less than a week before Christmas.

Previously, I had an order with,... let's just say another premium air bed company... My order languished with them for 6 weeks, with no promise for when my order would be filled--not even a guess. Thanks to Air Bed Pros, I was able to cancel the order with the non-responsive company and work with people who want my business. I am completely satisfied...actually, more than satisfied. I am elated with the superior service and expertise I received in dealing with Air Bed Pros. I give them my highest recommendation.


AirBed Pros really saved me a ton of money and hassle with my Sleep  Number bed.  The air fill fitting in my bad started leaking.  Sleep number told me that the only thing they could do was sell me a new pump.  That was going to be about $250 but because I'm in England it would have cost about $400 to ship the pump.  All I need is the valve and that would cost a few bucks to ship but Sleep Number just wouldn't help.  

I searched around and found AirBed pros.  They had the replacement valve listed for about $15 and they were able to ship it to the UK so I figured it was worth taking a chance.  The replacement shipped the next day, reached me in about 4 more (not bad for an international shipment). 

I had a couple of questions about how to install it so I called them.  Brandon answered the phone, spent about 15 minutes talking me through the problem.  Problem solved.  I'm really happy with the service.



  • Kathy B.  Decatur, IL


Love Air Bed Pros!  Brandon Fry is a joy to work with.  I wish I had found him before spending more money than I needed to on Sleep Number Memory Foam!  But, we did buy the Chilli Hot/Cold dual Queen mattress pad.  It was so nice to have warm sheets when getting into bed and then able to adjust the temperature to make it one of the best nights sleep I've had in a long time and it's 1/2 the price of Sleep numbers!  I've been telling all of my friends and family about AirBedPros and hopefully they will be buying product from you soon!











These foam walls are constructed with high quality and the fact they tie in together makes it even better. Airbeds seem to last forever, however, foam does not. Renewing with this product allows you to sit on the edge of the bed again without that squishy feeling. Also the whole support of the air mattresses firms up. I'm quite impressed with Brandon will take care of you and all your needs.




Brandon, you are amazing and a life saver. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

I spoke with Brian today to try and figure out my bed leak.  He was so helpful!!!
You also just save me wad of $$$$. THANK YOU!!
I have the issue where the o ring broke off. I thought i would have to replace the entire chamber. SN didnt really offer me a soultion. This should work great. 

Brandon has great advice. I called and he helped me diagnose the problem and provided several solutions at low cost. 

While a leaky connector was not our problem, this was the most informative video available. It lead us back to Air Bed Pros and Brandon. We searched online for a replacement air chamber, and ended up purchasing from Air Bed Pros of St. Louis because they took the time to post the videos to help others. We received a call within a few hours of a posting a question on their website, and spoke with Brandon who completed our order with the parts we need. Will do business with them again.

THANKS, I was about to attempt to tear my pump apart to find the leak when I called Brandon. He explained that I should NOT attempt to dissect the pump. Within two minutes on the phone with Brandon, he led me directly to my leak, which he had a part for. Thanks Brandon. 

Brandon, thank you for the video.  This video literally just saved me $225!! I will be sharing your video and website with all of my friends that have SleepNumber® beds as well. Thanks again!

Very helpful and when we contacted  Air Bed Pros to get a part we needed, they were extremely helpful and sent the part right out for us and even took the time to go over the steps with other helpful advice for the repair we need to make.


yea for customer service   thanks within minutes was able to order part get instruction to fix bed thanks love you tube my grandson said i could do any thing if i asked you tube  yea for brandon Fry 




Melissa M.

Thanks so much for your service and wow fast shipping! My husband and I are very happy with our purchase of the single queen air chamber and the connection to replace our leaking select comfort air chamber.  Thank you!



Hello, I recieved my order within 48 hours of placing the order and it's working perfectly! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to sleep "Normal" again! J



Hey I have to give many thanks to Brandon .

I bought a sleep chamber from him .for my queen size single chamber Dream Number bed after he helped me with repairing my Dream Number air chamber that had started leaking. Even though the leak had been successfully fixed I wanted to buy a new air chamber in case my old one developed a new leak. I called and ordered a single chamber queen size . When it arrived I took my bed apart and took the old air chamber out. Then I began to install the new air chamber when I realized it was to small . It was one side of a dual chamber. I called Brandon late Saturday evening and he was great . He immediatley said he had made a mistake just send it back and he would send out the correct chamber. It was so refreshing to deal with someone who has integrity. Someone with "The buck stops here " attitude.. This man is running his business in the manner of old time Americans . The way of doing business and living your day to day life ,that made America the greatest nation on earth. Standing by your product ans keeping your word even though it costs you money. Brandon could have said " You got exactly what you ordered' it's not my fault" Instead he stood tall and made it right . You just don't get treated that way much anymore. The big box stores will put the screws to you everytime they can. All you Americans out there please try to spend your dollors at Mom and Pop owned business and buy Made in America items every chance you get. Even if you pay a little more for it The quality is better and you are keeping the money flowing in your community



Afteer a wek of dealing with a Dream Number Bed with a slow leak I called Sleep Number Beds to ask advice on how to patch the air chamber. When I told them it was a Dream Number bed they hung up on me. I found Air Bed Pros on the internet and called Brandon for advice . He was very kind and very patient. Talked me through several things to try . Ways to located a leak in the fittings or hose . When this did not work out he explained how to fix a leak in the air chamber if I found one . Which I did . I took the air chaber outside and ran water over it and found several pinhole leaks. I did as Brandon suggested and used Gorilla Glue to smear over the hole liberaly about 3 inches diameter around the hole then put a piece of Guerilla Duct tape over it and let it dry for 2 hours. Aired it up to 90 and it has held well for the last 4 hours.. I also ordered a new air chaamber from brandon. He made a customer and a friend for life today . That is GOOD BIDNESS and that is what America needs more of. thanks Brandon



I had a leak in my hose and found out the company that I bought my bed from was out of business. I searched the web for help. 

I sent pictures to sleep number and they told me I could buy two new chambers and a pump for over $750. I went on ebay and saw that I could buy a new connector that might work from Airpro. I first googled Airpro and went on their website and saw they had everything I might need and in fact their pumps and chambers were similar to what I had.

So before I ordered the parts directly on their web site I called to confirm my thoughts and spoke to Brandon. He told me to try a couple of  things for FREE that might work and if not come back and buy the connectors and that should work. He said there was no need to spend the money I was told. Now that is honesty!!

I have bookmarked this site forever and I will absolutely buy from them. I do all my shopping on line and this is the first time ever that I am writing a review. To save me that kind of money with such a simple answer is worth my time to express my gratitude!! 

Thanks again, 




had a sleep number 15 years no problem; started deflating; called the company; they sent me some O-rings and caps but said if that didn't work it would need a new air chamber.

I ordered your tube/fitting kit and not only did it do the job, the bed is much more quiet than its ever been and I'm not sleeping in a hole anymore.  Great service, good prices; unfortunately some people don't know about you and wind up spending sooooo much more than they have to for a good, easy fix.  

Thank you so much; so happy I saw your video


From Cate Hall, St. Louis, MO

"When we moved recently, we wanted to take our Compare to Sleep Number® bed with us, but were not sure how to transport it. AirBed Pros came in and expertly dismantled and transported our bed in a quick and efficient way. They were very friendly and pointed out a defect in our Compare to Sleep Number® Bed that could be fixed when we got to the new house. 

After AirBed Pros came to the new house, they set up the bed and upgraded it. We feel as if we have a new bed again. We love the wonderful sleep we get on our "new" old Compare to Sleep Number® Bed.

I would recommend this company highly!"



From Cheryl, Maplewood, MO

"My husband & I purchased the AirPro Special Edition and are very satisfied. We wake up feeling well rested and refreshed. We don't have the stiffness or soreness in the morning that we experienced with our old waterbed mattress. We sleep well through the night. When we looked at the Compare to Sleep Number® Bed my husband thought the price was too high. We are so glad we found your site and saved the extra money!

I would recommend an AirPro Bed to anyone, especially if you have trouble sleeping through the night. It is very comfortable and affordable!"



From Judy "stlbigmom"

"Brandon, I thank you once again, the pump worked out great! It attached easier than we thought to our Compare to Sleep Number® Bed air chamber. Those connectors are so nice."

I would have thanked you earlier, but I lost your email address & did not get around to following up with you. I'm so impressed with your new website and wish you all the best. I have bookmarked your homepage on my computer and will pass your info on to my friends and family who may be in the market for a new bed. Once again, Thank You for all your help!"



From Art, Festus, MO

"My bed is working like new again.  Airbedpros came out to my house and fixed my Compare to Sleep Number® Bed and did a great job.  Thanks guys."



From Mrs. Bowles, Farmer City, IL.


I just want to send you a note to tell you that we enjoy our new bed so much! We have had it now about 3 months and let me tell you that nothing beats watching TV and having your feet massaged in the same time. Also raising the head of the bed so it is comfortable for me is great. 

I also want to thank you for the service you give me. If I have any questions you are always available to give me answers. I am so glad we purchased this bed from you and not the Compare to Sleep Number® Bed. After having a Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Mold for 16 years, you were so kind to help us. We feel so good to know that our new AirPro Bed has a waterproof liner in it to prevent it from getting mold. We also love the Hypo-Tectors mattress pads and sheets, it is so nice to get into bed at night, it is so soft and comfortable. 

My husband stays in bed so much now too, and you remember how he slept in the couch for so long. I am so glad he is back in bed with me to snuggle. We can't say enough good stuff about these beds and you!

Thanks so much,

Adriana Bowles



REPAIR PARTS - Feb. 15, 2010

We wish to express our sincere thanks for all you have done for us with regard to our Compare to Sleep Number® Bed. Initially, we were having difficulty with our remotes/air chambers decreasing on one of our twin beds. Since Compare to Sleep Number® Bed does not provide hands on service we were frustrated. You, however, came to our rescue with your repair parts and we have not had any problems since. You, also, provided excellent service by getting us a Convoluted Foam Mattress Insert to go over our air chambers on each of our beds, which have worked out very well.

Please know that your expertise, service, and integrity is unsurpassed and we will only do future business with you!

Your Devoted Customers,

Paul & Shirley - Lake St Louis




We had a great night's sleep on our New AirPro SE bed. My hip didn't even hurt in the morning for the first time in months.

Barbara K. Creve Coeur MO




My wife and I love our AirBed Pro bed.  We had a mattress which was over 30 years old...which continued to serve us well except that it moved with us to Hawaii and the old cotton absorbed moisture and began to have an odor.

We bought a high quality coil spring mattress and my wife developed back aches within a year. We purchased another mattress and I began to have backaches.  It was clear we needed an adjustable air bed with dual controls.  

The other well advertised air bed was considered however, we did not like the foam middle made the sleeping area for each of us more constricting. Other issues including cost caused us to seek alternatives.  

We met Brandon on the internet through his web site.  We appreciated the quality of design and materials as well as excellent price.  Our most difficult decision was which mattress to purchase.  We both do not like the memory foam...closes in around us while we appreciate sleeping on top of instead of "in" a bed.  We chose the AirPro Bed with minimal topper and with dual controls. 

We are so very pleased with our decision...both of us no longer have back aches and sleep very comfortably.  We really appreciate the much more definitive adjustments compared to the competition.  

If you want individual comfort and adjustibility and are looking for high quality and excellent value...Brandon has the bed for you.  This bed is one of a few investments we have made in our 42 years of marriage that is rated A+.

Dennis Mihalka - Kailua Kona, HI




November 2, 2011

Dear Friends at AirBed Pros....we have now had our AirPro 350, dual controls for 9 months and we are not only very happy with the price, value and comfort...but the back aches we had before this bed are completely gone and have not returned.

We had a mattress for 30 years which had to be replaced...we bought two different mattress/box spring sets and both created problems...with back aches and discomfort.  We (very fortunately) found AirBed Pros when looking for alternatives to the Compare to Sleep Number® and we have been blessed ever since.

Don't hesitate...the product is superior, service is great and the price can not be beat!

Sincerely, Dennis and Mary Mihalka


NEW BED - June 9, 2011

I just ordered our new bed from Air Pros. What a difference between them and Compare to Sleep Number®. They will have my business for a very long time! I will let you all know how the bed is when we get it! check out their website!! Thanks to Brandon for all his kindness! It's great to talk directly to the President of the company! 

Judy Bradford

NEW BED - June 17, 2011 (UPDATE)

Well, 1.5 hours and the old bed is torn down and the new one is up and inflated! I was surprised at the ease it went together! Now to just find our numbers and sleep like babies. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for everything,

Judy Bradford

P.S. Thanks again for the bed wedges too! I can play on my laptop in bed now. Won't get a damn thing done around here!


NEW BED - July 12, 2011

We received our bed the day after I broke my ankle and even after having to wear the boot-cast to bed I have been able to sleep like a baby. It has made such a difference. I would wake up with my back sore and worse, very frequently, and would use several pillows to prop with as I slept for support. 

I love the bed, and it makes all the difference with the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. Brandon was very helpful and friendly. I had called him several times with questions before we had made up our minds. He knows his business very well.

Susan Golden 


REPAIR PARTS - July 24, 2011

My wife and I decided to purchase new perimeter support rails and multi zoned support foam to use with the existing Compare to Sleep Number® bed we have that has just worn out over time. We replaced the foam rails with the reinforced perimeter support foam from your site and placed the plastic corner braces that were used with our old rails on top of rails for added strength. This has made a big difference in the overall squareness of the bed.

We also purchased a Multi Zone Support foam insert to go on top of the air chambers inside the zippered cover. This is something i was not planning, but was suggested by Brandon. I was hesitant to make the purchase, but once our bed was put back together, my wife says it is better than it was brand new! 

Daniel Stephens, NH