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AIRPRO Air Bed Repair Man - Brandon Fry 

Welcome to the reviews page for Brandon Fry, the AIRPRO AirBedRepairMan

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We saved thousands of dollars over the cost of a Sleep Number® Bed by going to Air Bed Pros and we have not regretted that decision for a moment!  We love our bed and it's quality is next to none!

If you read or hear Brandon's bio you will learn that he started out as a Sleep Number® bed salesman.  He started repairing their pumps on the side because he saw that once the warranty is over with SleepNumber® you pretty much don't exist as a customer anymore to them.  Because of the quality of the pumps in particular he decided to find a better manufacture.  Then after he found that manufacture he opened a store selling and servicing them, even the best products have to be repaired sometimes.

We have had one of their beds for almost 3 years.  I personally can sleep on any bed except ones that are rock hard but my wife has suffered with a bad back for years and she loves it.  

I would highly recommend Brandon Fry and Air Bed Pros over Sleep Number® any day of the week!


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