Bed Sagging Repair for Sleep Number® beds


Bed Sagging repair for Sleep Number Beds


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Bed sagging can happen in Sleep Number® beds when the Air Chambers lose support on the sides. This is caused by the Mattress Cover stretching out at the hips and shoulder areas which allows the rails to move apart. 

Once the Air Chambers lose support on the sides, they can no longer raise and lower your body as well. This may cause you to raise your sleepnumber up higher which causes rolling to the middle or from one side to the other. 

The Best way to repair Bed Sagging in Sleep Number® beds is to Rebuild it around your working pump and air chambers.

While it can be a little tricky to explain on a website, you can call me for quick directions. I can be reached by phone at (314) 599-2777


Air Bed Parts for repairing a Sagging Sleep Number® Bed


You can Rebuild your Sleep number bed around your working pump and chambers by first deciding how thick you want the mattress to be. 


Keep in mind that the air chambers and rails are 6 inches - you can choose how many layers of foam go over the air chambers and rails for comfort. Our most popular rebuild is a 10 inch mattress which has 2 layers of 2 inch foam to create 4 inches of comfort foam above the air chambers inside the Zippered Mattress Cover.


RAILS ~ SUPPORT FOAM RAILS for Sleep Number® Bed Sagging Repair 



COVERS ~ MATTRESS COVERS for Sleep Number® Bed Sagging Repair 



NEXT you will need to decide how many layers of foam for comfort you will like above the rails. Be sure to add them to your cart and you will also need a Center Foam Divider for proper spacing of your air chambers. 


SUPPORT FOAM PARTS for Sleep Number® Bed Sagging Repair



EXAMPLE for items needed in a ten inch mattress cover rebuild for Sleep Number® bed sagging repair.


10 Inch Mattress Cover * 6 Inch Foam Rails * (2) Over The Rail Foam Inserts (Your choice of SOFT or FIRM) * Center Foam Divider 


Above is a list of quick links to the items needed, be sure to select your size and add each item to your cart!


If you require assistance, Please Call (314) 599-2777 during normal business hours and ask for Brandon the AIRPRO Air Bed Repair Man and I can help walk you through Bed Sagging Air Bed Repair for Sleep Number® beds.


You can also email me through the contact us page with a request for a quote and I can prepare one for you. 


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