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AIRPRO Air Chambers for Sleep Number® Beds

AIRPRO Air Chambers for Sleep Number® Beds

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Replacement Air Chambers for Sleep Number® Beds


AIRPRO Air Chambers Connect directly to Sleep Number® Bed Pump hose fittings!


AIRPRO Air Chambers now have a new design, no adaptors are required to connect to your 2 Hose Sleep Number® Bed pump connections. 


  • M236 Pressure Bonded Hose Fittings connect directly to your Sleep Number Bed 2 hose pumps. 
  • Includes 5 Year Limited Air Tight Warranty for manufacturing defects in workmanship and construction.
  • We Do Not Sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Air Chambers!



By using our Direct Connection, we have eliminated the need for adaptor hoses which lead to air loss at the connection down the road by the extra connection point causing an air leak.  


Air Chambers with Cross Directional Air Flow for Body Balancing Support

In addition, AIRPRO air chambers provide cross directional air flow to balance your body more evenly! Square pillows of air allow air to move freely and relieve pressure were needed and provide consistent support for your entire body.


When you need a reliable air chamber to connect directly to your Sleep Number® Bed pump hose connection, use AIRPRO Replacement Air Chambers for Sleep Number® beds, Select Comfort®.


    About Product

    Apply this Cap to Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber Nipples for Testing or Storing a Sleep Number® Air Chamber. Be sure to Cap Off the Port of Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers when not in use to prevent the inside of the air chambers from drying out when not in use.


    Watch Repair Videos

    Learn to Repair Your Sleep Number® Bed With Videos



    Air Bed Pros put together a Youtube Channel for assisting you with your Sleep Number® bed repairs. 



    Follow Links to view videos for Sleep Number® bed repair help from Air Bed Pros.


    Repair Videos for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers;


    Repair Videos for Sleep Number® Bed Pumps




    Repair Videos for Sleep Number® Bed Sagging Repair




    Watch these videos for information on how to repair Sleep Number® beds by Select Comfort®.

    disclaimer …  We do not sell the Sleep Number® Brand beds, parts, products and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.

    If you require assistance while repairing your Sleep Number® bed, please call me directly for fast service.

    Brandon ~ AIRPRO (314) 599-2777

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