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Air Bed Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Beds

Air Bed Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Beds

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Air Bed Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Beds

Easily Repair Air Leaks Sleep Number® Beds Fast!

Patent Number 11129481

~We do not sell Sleep Number® Brand Beds or Sleep Number® Bed products or services.

~PATENTED Technology 11129481 Air Leak Repair Kits Designed and Manufactured in Union Missouri United States of America 🇺🇸 


We stock the air bed parts to repair your Sleep Number® Bed pump and air chamber system leaks! 

If you are experiencing Air Loss in your Sleep Number® Bed, use these air bed repair parts proven to fix it fast!

You will need to know how many hoses are on your Sleep Number® Bed Pump. Each system has either 1 Hose, 2 Hoses or 4 Hoses.


Air Bed Repair Parts for Sleep Number® Bed Air Leaks


Air Bed Repair Parts Connectors





  • Cap for M236 Male Air Bed Parts Connector for  Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers.


  • Latex Canvas Patcs for repairing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber leaks.


AIR BED REPAIR HOSES - PATENTED Technology with proven success! 

 Patent Number 11129481


  • M236 Large Hose for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers with a broken o ring.


  • These Air Bed Repair Parts are compatible with Select Comfort, Sleep Number® products sold World Wide by the Sleep Number® corporation.



Air Bed Repair Videos 

Watch this video with Step By Step directions for how to repair your Sleep Number® bed.  

If you have questions or would like to place an order, please call Air Bed Pros Today @ (314) 599-2777


An air leak in your Sleep Number® bed can cause your remote control to not read properly or show ER Error Codes. An air leak can cause one or both sides of the pump to become worn out by over pumping to try to inflate the bed with a cracked fitting or broken o-ring allowing the air to escape, and even can cause broken down support foam by forcing the sleeper to toss and turn in the night to get comfortable thus breaking the foam down and causing bed sagging in Sleep Number® Beds.


Signs your Sleep Number® Air Bed may have an Air Leak!

~If your Sleep Number® Bed has an air leak and you are unsure where it is coming from, You could switch hoses around, but this can cause you to break any cracked fittings making an air leak worse. 

Some signs to look for if you think you have an air leak in your Sleep Number® Bed could be that the remote control is reading funny or your Sleep Number® Bed Pump keeps running when you try to adjust. This may lead you to believe that it could have an air leak that the air bed pump is trying to keep filled. This can lead to burning out one side of your air bed pump, making an air leak more expensive to repair. 



What should I do First if I have an Air Leak in my Sleep Number® bed?



I recommend adding our Air Leak Repair Kit to your Sleep Number® Bed hose connections inside the zipper mattress cover at the air chamber ports below the head foam rails. Once you remove your mattress cover, peal back the foam inserts and remove the head foam rail you will see the connections for the air hose at the air chambers. 

This creates a solid connection at the air chamber and provides a new male and female connection outside of the mattress for disconnection of the air hoses when moving or repairing down the road.


  1. Stretch bare end of hose over the fitting on your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber connector and push hose out the hole in back of mattress.
  2. Cut old fitting off of your Sleep Number® Bed Pump Hose and add the F-236 Push Button Connector and attach the fittings together.



~Disclaimer; we do not sell Sleep Number® Beds and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corp. The use of the their Trademarked Names Sleep Number® Select Comfort® SleepiQ® are used for comparison and adaptability purposes only.


~This Air Leak Repair Kit is designed and manufactured in Union Missouri United States of America 🇺🇸 by Brandon Fry for use with all Select Comfort Sleep Number® Bed Pump Air Chamber Systems. 

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