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Latex Canvas Patches for Sleep Number® Beds

Latex Canvas Patches for Sleep Number® Beds

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Latex Canvas Patch Kits for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers

AVAILABLE IN Small, Large and Extra Large Size Kits, you will be able to patch air leaks in Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers. Requires Standard Brown Gorilla Glue!


NEW - Extra Large XL Canvas Air Bed Chamber Repair Patch 

  • 1 PRE FOLDED - 4 x 4 dual bonded heavy duty canvas latex air Bed chamber repair patch fits in seam.
  • 3 medium circular patches.
  • 3 small circle patches.

Watch this video for easy to use directions on repairing air leaks in the canvas area of air chambers;



Canvas Air Chamber Patch Kit for Sleep Number® bed air chamber leak repairs

How to Find the Air Leak in Sleep Number® bed air chambers

This repair is compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Repair. 

  • We do not sell Sleep Number® Bed Parts, Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers or Sleep Number® Bed products and are in no way affiliated with the Sleep Number® Bed or Select Comfort Corporation.



    How to Patch Canvas Air Chambers - compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers to Repair air leaks in the support bladder, air chamber area.

    To properly patch your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber, you will need to have some Gorilla Glue from any local hardware store, a Latex Canvas Patch from large enough for the hole to be patched and some time.



    Finding the Hole in the Latex Canvas area of Sleep Number® Bed air chambers - Air Bed Pros Air Bed Chamber Patch Kit


    Directions for finding the air leak

    Finding the air leak in your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber takes some time, follow this trick to Find your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Air Leak.

    1. Work in 2 foot square areas across the Sleep Number® Bed air chamber
    2. Spray Canvas of the Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber with a Bleach based cleaner 
    3. Use Damp Clean Wash Cloth to wipe in a circular motion (DO NOT SCRUB)
    4. Cleaner will activate causing it to foam
    5. Wherever there is a air leak bubbles will form
    6. Mark area of leak to repair the Sleep Number® Bed air chamber then continue checking, you may have more than one leak.
    7. Let your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Dry Overnight
    8. Be sure to check the entire Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber for leaks before you begin the repair and marking each one.


    Start by cleaning the area to be patched, and marking the area. I recommend using a bleach spray cleaner, but any product you prefer will work ok. By lightly spraying the area to be patched, then with a damp cloth wipe over the area lightly. (Do Not Scrub) it is important not to scrub the air chamber. 

    Let dry overnight then lightly


    Next apply a small amount of water to the tip your finger and dab the spot to be patched with water. (Do Not Over Water) This moisture is only to activate the Gorilla glue causing it to foam and bond to your canvas air chamber.

    Apply a appropriate but small drop of Gorilla Glue to the Canvas of your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber, then apply the Latex side of the Canvas Patch to your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber. In a circular motion, begin smoothing the patch out.


    As the Gorilla Glue begins to foam the patch will want to rise up, as it does begin applying circular pressure with your finger. until the patch rests tight.




    This drying time is essential to the patch adhering to the chamber.


    NEW - Circular Latex Canvas Patches 

    (Circles prevent the edges from coming up, and are much easier to apply.)


    If you have questions - please call 314-599-2777


    Please Remember; We do not sell Sleep Number® bed Air Chamber Patch's, Sleep Number® Bed parts, SleepIQ® technology, or any other Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® products or Sleep Number® Bed services. Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, and SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site with regard to Sleep Number® Bed is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes.


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