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Center Foam Divider for Sleep Number® Beds

Center Foam Divider for Sleep Number® Beds

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Replacement Center Foam Divider for Sleep Number® beds


Compatible with Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® - Fits Between the air chambers for Proper Spacing.


  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Center Foam.


Center Foam Divider 


The design of Center Foam Divider is to fit inside the zippered cover, Between the air chambers to take up the space. The Block design provides even support for each part of your body as well as easing the transition from the left side to the right side of your Sleep Number® bed.


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This Center Foam Divider can be used between The Air Chambers to Prevent Bed-Sagging in Sleep Number® beds.


The zippered cover of your Sleep Number® bed can stretch out after years of use much like your favorite pair of jeans. The fabric can stretch out causing the sides of the bed to bow out causing bed sagging and adding a New Center Foam Divider into the inside of your zippered mattress cover can help reduce these effects.


Block Foam Design Medium Density Foam provides pressure point reduction between the Air Chambers.

This foam insert does not go out past the air chambers, it fits inbetween the air chambers.


This Center Foam Divider is designed to prevent bed sagging in the support section of Sleep Number® Beds by providing proper support in the center of the air bed. 


We do not sell Sleep Number® Center Foam dividers or Inserts, SleepIQ® technology, or any other Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® products or services and we are in No Way Affiliated with Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, and SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes. 

About Product

Apply this Cap to Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber Nipples for Testing or Storing a Sleep Number® Air Chamber. Be sure to Cap Off the Port of Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers when not in use to prevent the inside of the air chambers from drying out when not in use.


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Learn to Repair Your Sleep Number® Bed With Videos



Air Bed Pros put together a Youtube Channel for assisting you with your Sleep Number® bed repairs. 



Follow Links to view videos for Sleep Number® bed repair help from Air Bed Pros.


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Watch these videos for information on how to repair Sleep Number® beds by Select Comfort®.

disclaimer …  We do not sell the Sleep Number® Brand beds, parts, products and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.

If you require assistance while repairing your Sleep Number® bed, please call me directly for fast service.

Brandon ~ AIRPRO (314) 599-2777

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