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Mattress Toppers for Sleep Number® Beds

Mattress Toppers for Sleep Number® Beds

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MATTRESS TOPPER COVER 4" Bamboo Mattress Topper Cover for Sleep Number® Beds

~ Choose Fro Firm or Soft Foam Sold.

 ~ We do not sell Sleep Number® Bed mattress toppers and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.


This 4 inch mattress topper offers a dual sided cool to touch bamboo fabric for the upper and lower zip on mattress topper cover that encases 4 inches of foam.

Reversible for seasonal use, the fully washable zip on bamboo cover is designed with a large nylon kink free zipper allowing you to rotate or replace the foam for years of durable use. 

Use this mattress topper to add cool to touch comfort and life back to your Sleep Number® Bed today!





About Product

Apply this Cap to Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber Nipples for Testing or Storing a Sleep Number® Air Chamber. Be sure to Cap Off the Port of Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers when not in use to prevent the inside of the air chambers from drying out when not in use.


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