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Air Chamber Caps for Sleep Number® Beds

Air Chamber Caps for Sleep Number® Beds

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CAP For Testing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers

These caps are special designed to fit tighter than the ones provided by the factory to insure an air tight seal is made.

Apply this Cap to Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber Nipples for Testing or Storing a Sleep Number® Air Chamber. Be sure to Cap Off the Port of Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers when not in use to prevent the inside of the air chambers from drying out when not in use.

  • We do not sell Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® Brand Beds or Parts!
  • Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Ports!

Use these air bed caps for testing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers for Air Leaks at the connection! Remove pump hose while the air chamber is fully inflated, and add the cap to the Sleep Number® bed air chamber port to hold the air inside the air chamber for testing or storing. 

High Pressure Sealing Caps for Sleep Number® air chamber ports - These caps are needed to seal off air chambers when not in use or to test for air leaks. Examine your Sleep Number® bed air chamber prior to installing to be sure port is bonded tightly inside the air chamber and that the o ring is still on the port.

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