What do you need to know to help me repair my Sleep Number Bed?

In order to understand what issues you are having we will need to know if it is and Air Leak Issue or Bed Sagging issue.

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How to repair sleep number® bed sagging.

Over time parts of your Sleep Number Bed can break down and stretch out, causing your bed to be less supportive. This can be the foam parts and or mattress cover.

The first step is to make sure your pump and air chambers are in good shape.

It is a fact that the air chambers require firm support on all for sides in order to raise and lower your body properly.

Start by unzipping your cover to inspect the foam for damage, tears and other signs or breaking down.

Be sure to inspect the air chambers to see and wear that may be developing.

I also advise to take this time to clean the air chambers if needed. Use a diluted mixture of Clorox kitchen or bathroom cleaner and water.

In most cases filling the chamber and capping it off works well. Then stand the chamber up in the shower to spray it down.

Be sure NOT to over saturate the chamber with water, Once rinsed, Towel dry and let air dry for several hours.

Do Not Install the chambers until they are fully dry.

Once the Air Chambers are clean and air tight, we can begin to address the Bed Sagging issues.

More often than not the mattress cover is the main source of Bed Sagging in Sleep Number Beds.

The side wall of the mattress cover can stretch out leaving more space inside the cover.

Combine that with the foam thinking up over time and it can become a mess.

The two items you will need are;



How to repair Air Leaks in Sleep Number® Beds.

Most air leaks in Sleep Number Beds can be found at the hose connection from the pump and air chambers.

First we will need to know what Pump System you have.

It goes by the hose connections, being able to see the Sleep Number® pump connections with the foam rail at the head of the bed removed, you will be able to count the number of hoses attached.

1 = a single chamber Sleep Number® bed - twin , twin xl, full, queen single chamber.

2 = either 2 hoses to a single Sleep Number® chamber?

2 = 1 hose to each of 2 Sleep Number® air chambers (MOST COMMON STYLE)

4 = 2 hoses to each Sleep Number® air chamber

if so, "do you have 1 smaller hose and 1 larger hose on your Sleep Number® bed? Or are they both the same size?"

Because a Sleep Number® bed Pump with dual ports operation is different than single port pump operation

- with a Sleep Number® bed pump that has a single port per side the pump inflates and reads the pressure to one side in the same hose!

- with a Sleep Number® bed pump that has 2 hoses per side dual port pump operation one hose inflates and deflates and one only reads pressure.

- this is important because If you cap off the small hose port of your Sleep Number® bed pump and the pump can not read the pressure you may end up blowing a seam in your Sleep Number® bed air chamber!

- Make sure to have your Air Leak Repair Kits ready, we offer fast shipping options to get them to you quick…..

Once you have found out how many connections you have, you will be able to order the correct number of repair parts needed.

Follow these repair directions for Sleep Number® beds to get the best results;

Inside the zipper cover below the foam head rail, press the button on the pump hose at the air chamber.
Next, pull to remove the pump hose from the chamber.

- then inspect the chamber fitting to see that a. the o-ring is in tach on the air chamber, and b. the fitting is still on the pump hose.

At this point, you may see a broken o-ring (Stuck inside the pump hose fitting or may fall off along the way) either way, the head of the air chamber fitting can break off, which I call it the hull, it is what holds the o-ring on. It can break off.

Adding the M-236-LG-HOSE by stretching the bare end of the hose over the fitting as seen in the video, and run the new male fitting with o-ring out the hole in your mattress cover.

Next, cut the old pump hose connector off just pats the spot it is inside the hose to reveal a clean piece of hose.

- then add the F-236 fitting by pushing the barbed end inside the hose.

Now you will be able to connect the pump hose fitting NEW to the M-236-LG-Hose New fitting with o-ring and pump the air chamber up.

If the Air Chamber holds air you are good, if you still have air leaking, remove pump hose while the air chamber is fully inflated, and add the cap to test the air chamber.

It is at this point the CAP TEST will be correct! prior to the M-236 lg hose, the cap test could be false. simply capping the chamber off could hold, but hide a broken o-ring.

Now that you have tested the air chamber, if you have a leak after capping it off, use the included Air Chamber Patch to repair it.

or, If it holds air while being capped off (WITH THE M-236-lg-hose added) then you have a bad pump.
In any case, we do NOT recommend taking the pump apart.

I am not able to get any interior parts to repair them, So "do NOT do it"
If at this point, you need, you can purchase a replacement air bed pump or air chamber and adapt it to your air bed parts with the repair hose reversed.

By using the M-236-lg-hose, you can connect our air bed parts to your's if needed…..Now that is value…..An air leak repair kit that works.

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We do not sell Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® Brand Beds or Air Bed Parts!

We have put together a comprehensive FAQ's list from customers over the past ten years to help you find the answers your looking for "How-to Repair Sleep Number® Beds" you can also read our Blog

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After spending more than half a day on hold and speaking with several people to order a simple part from Sleep Number, Brandon answered the phone and shipped me the part I needed same day! The other guys, would not even ship for over a week! Not a good solution when your bed chamber is flat. Brandon has created a great solution so you do not have to unzip your bed to access the valves from the above mentioned company. I have had to replace this same part before, now I have found a great solution, and will tell all my friends!

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What do you need to know to help me find the air leak in my Sleep Number® Bed.

The first thing we will need to know is

How Many Hoses are on your Sleep Number Bed pump.

- we do not sell Sleep Number® bed parts or services, the information below is for repair purposes only.

Long Answer ; 

If your Sleep Number® Bed pump has 1 Hose = Single chamber system


If your Sleep Number® Bed pump has 2 Hoses =

A. Two Air Chamber System with 1 Hose going to each side ( MOST COMMON )

or B. A single chamber system that has 2 hoses going to one chamber.


If your Sleep Number® Bed pump has 4 Hoses =

A. You have 2 Large Hoses going to each air chamber.

or B. You have 1 large and 1 small hose going to each air chamber.

Why is this important;

Because in order to help you fix the air leak in your sleep number® bed, we will need to know what steps to take to check for the air leak. 

What Do I Do If I Need Repair Parts for a Sleep Number® Bed?

Our main goal is to ensure your comfort and quality of rest. That is why Air Bed Pros offers high quality, long-lasting and versatile replacement air bed parts for Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort.

You can easily replace your current air chamber, pump, or other not working air bed parts yourself, making the process simple and quickly accomplished by just about anyone.

How Do I Replace a Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber with one of your AIRPRO Air Chambers?

If you are ready to replace a Sleep Number® Bed air chamber with a No Gap Design air chamber from AirBed Pros, you will need to know how many hoses go to each air chamber.

If you have one hose per side, it is standard.

If you have two hoses per side for a total of four hoses, you will need to Replace your Pump as well. Our Air Beds offer a single hose per side.

This will help you understand if you are able to connect to your current Sleep Number® Bed pump to our AIRPRO Air Chambers.

To avoid any problems with leveling, it is recommended that you purchase a set of air chambers and replace both sides of the bed at the same time. This will help reduce any possible problems with the varying thickness of chambers.

Due to stretching out of the latex over time some air chambers may get taller. By replacing both you can avoid this.

How Do I Replace a Sleep Number® Bed Pump with one of your AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps?

If you are ready to replace your Sleep Number Bed Pump with an AIRPRO Replacement Air Bed Pump you will need to know how many hoses your bed has.

Either 2 or 4 hoses.

If you have 1 hose per side, our pump will connect directly to your air chamber ports. If you have 2 hoses per side, use pressure caps to seal off the extra port on each chamber.

This will insure you are able to connect directly to your Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber ports.

I Have A Sleep Number® Bed That Is Losing Air On One Side Of The Bed; How Do I Figure Out If It Is The Air Chamber, The Pump, Or The Connectors?

To get to the bottom of this air leak issue in yourSleep Number® bed requires some experimentation, namely switching the hoses and remotes from one side of the bed to the other.

This is best done for a period of at least two to three nights, to see if the air chamber in that side of the bed is the culprit or not.

If the same side continues to have problems losing air, the air chamber has a problem.(could just be a crack in the connector)

If not, it is likely the pump that is failing.(Could just be a small crack in the connector)

We recomend adding our Deluxe Air Leak Repair Kit to each air hose of your Sleep Number® bed first.  If after adding it you still have air leaking on one side of your Sleep Number®, then replacing the pump or chamber may be in order.

How do I disconnect the air hose on my Sleep Number® bed pump to find the air leak.

The air hoses on Sleep Number® brand pumps can be disconnected at the air chamber inside the zipper mattress cover. 

 - we do not sell Sleep Number® brand parts or products and the information is por repair purposes only.

 Start; Unzip your Sleep Number® bed mattress top off of the bed and remove the head foam support rail of your Sleep Number® bed to see the air lines. Next, press in the quick release button on the fitting at Sleep Number® air chamber and gentally pull the hose off of the air chamber.

 Three Things can happen causing the Sleep Number® bed to loose air;

 1. The hose comes off with the o-ring inside the pump hose fitting, - the oring can break off and be stuck inside the push button fitting. (use M-236-LG/Hose)

 2. The Fitting can be pulled out completely from the air chamber, this is because people may not know to push in the quick release. (use M-236-sm/hose)

 3. The Hose can crack off leaving half of the fitting on the air chamber and the other half inside the pump hose. (use F-236)

 If any of these things happen, we have a fix. Give use a call at (314) 599-2777 

How do I fix an air leak in the canvas air chamber of my Sleep Number® bed?

Repairing a air leak from pin holes in the canvas area of Sleep Number® bed air chambers is easy with the right parts and a little time. Please allow for chamber to dry overnight before inflating.

Watch repair videos for step by step instructions on how to repair sleep number bed air leaks.

Purchase the canvas air chamber patch here

 Call (314) 599-2777 for more directions or to place an order.

How to Patch Canvas Air Chambers compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Repair. - We do not sell Sleep Number® beds, parts or products and are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corporation.

To properly patch your air chamber, you will need to have some Gorilla Glue, a Canvas Patch large enough for the hole to be patched and some time.

Start by cleaning the area to be patched, and marking the area. I recommend using a bleach spray cleaner, but any product you prefer will work ok. By lightly spraying the area to be patched, then with a damp cloth wipe over the area lightly. (Do Not Scrub) it is important not to scrub the air chamber.

Let dry overnight then lightly dip your finger in water and dab the spot to be patched with water. (Do Not Over Water) This moisture is only to activate the glue causing it to foam and bond to your canvas air chamber.

Disclaimer;- We do not sell Sleep Number® beds, parts, SleepIQ® technology, or any other Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® products or services. Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, and SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes.

How do I glue the plug back into my sleep number® bed air chamber?


 We have invented a small repair hose to fit inside the hole of your Sleep Number® bed air chamber if the plug has been pulled out so the hose will fit inside and can be glued. 
Most will try to glue the male fitting back in, which will not work, it will always wiggle out. The glue used must be bondable with the hard latex and the hard plastic,

Watch this repair video for instructions; https://youtu.be/J4rjPLZRpz8

Call (314) 599-2777 for quick answers to your Sleep Number® bed repair questions.

How do I find a replacement power cord for my Sleep Number® bed pump?

SPLUG-236 Power Cord

We stock Replacement power cords compatible with your Sleep Number® brand air bed pump.

Replace your lost broken or damaged Sleep Number® Bed Pump Power Cord with our SPLUG-236 Air Bed Pump Power Cord at Air Bed Pros. We stock Replacement Air Bed Pump Power Cords If you have lost your Sleep Number® Bed pump power cord during a move or had a pet turn it into a chew toy, we have got you covered. 

- We do not sell the Sleep Number® brand Bed Pump Power Cords and are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporate entity.  Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort® Corp. The information on this site in regards to Select Comfort® Sleep Number® Bed Pump Power Cords is strictly for adaptability purposes only.

I have a leak in a Sleep Number® air mattress. I can t find it. Do you repair Sleep Number® air mattresses?

Watch my video on how to add the Deluxe Repair Parts Kit you your Sleep Number® Bed Pump and Air chambers to stop air leaks at the connection fast!

We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Parts.Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are Registered Trademarks.The use of their trademarked names is for adaptability purposes only.

I have a dual chamber select comfort® bed that I love, but I've already replaced the pump once and I seem to be having trouble with the pump again.

After moving 4 years ago, one side of my bed would not stay inflated when connected to the pump, so I inflated and then capped that side and it did stay inflated. The other side worked fine and so I figured there was a leak in one of the hoses. The last few months, there seems to be a problem with the other side as well. It will fill the chamber if there is no weight on it, but as soon as you lie down on the chamber it loses air faster than it can fill it. I cannot find a leak in the hoses on either side and nothing appears to be broken, but the only way to keep the chambers inflated is to keep them capped. Because of this I'm not able to adjust the fullness of the chambers very well and i know they are not where i prefer them. The pump still seems to works. Is it possible to replace the hoses? Is there a cheaper option than buying the whole new pump from select comfort®? I currently have pump model #PFCS02-DR, if that helps. I'd appreciate any suggestions or options that you can give me. Thanks!

The pump may have a small crack at the connectors. Try adding our F-236 connector for Sleep Number® Bed Pumps.

We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Parts.We are in No Way Affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporation. Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are Registered Trademarks.The use of their trademarked names is for adaptability purposes only.

I have a king size Sleep Number® bed that i"m having a problem with one side is slowly deflating each night.

The air leak most often happens at the Sleep Number® pump and air chamber connection. But it is worth noting that the air leaks can be in several spot so, I suggest adding our Air Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number® Bed Pump and Air Chambers.

We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Parts.We are in No Way Affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporation. Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are Registered Trademarks.The use of their trademarked names is for adaptability purposes only.

Hi, I was wondering if you sell the wired hand controls that controls the air pump on Sleep Number® Beds? I took mine out and it has 3 pushon terminal ends. One of the microswitches is faulty. It is the older simple two button set up, one raised button and one dished button. I have a 2 chamber bed.

AIRPRO Replacement Remote Controls are designed to work Only with our replacement Air Bed pumps.  When you purchase a replacement pump from Air Bed Pros it will come with a new remote control.  You can adapt our air bed pumps to your existing Sleep Number® Bed air chambers with theF-CAM-F-236 connector hose.

Please Remember;

We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Parts.We are in No Way Affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporation. Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are Registered Trademarks.The use of their trademarked names is for comparison/compatibility/adaptability purposes only.

The male connector (it appears to be part # M-236 Connector from your website) on the air mattress has the o ring broken off. Is this part able to be replaced?


Watch the video on how to mend this.

If your fitting has come out of the air chambers bonded latex area you can use our M-236-sm-hose to fit inside the hole and glue.

Do you offer more than one size pump hose fitting?

I ordered and received one model F-236 connector compatible with my select comfort® bed. The O.D. of F-236 is around 10.5 mm. The select comfort® tubing could not be slipped on because the tubing I.D. is around 8.5 mm. and the O.D. is around 10.5 mm leaving a wall thickness of around 3 mm. I heated it with hot water and then an electric hair-drier in order to stretch it, but it would not slip on. The tubing diameter is too thick and it wouldn't stretch enough for me. Do you have a smaller diameter connector?

Answer: Yes, the size you are looking for is the F-236-SMALL  

We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Parts.We are in No Way Affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporation. Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are Registered Trademarks.The use of their trademarked names is for adaptability purposes only.

lease help me get the solution for “the air doesn’t stay in the chamber.” Waiting on your answer.

There are many reasons air can be escaping from your Sleep Number® mattress. Most comon place for air leaks to happen in Sleep Number® Beds is at the pump and air chamber connection. 

We offer "Deluxe Air Leak Repair Kits" for this reason. 

If you find you need to replace a air chamber or air bed pump we can offer pre-assembled connector hoses to adapt to your existing usable Sleep Number® bed parts.

Not sure what you need? Call us at (314) 599-2777

My Pump and Air Chambers Are Working Fine, but I Am Still Having Sagging In the Middle Of My Sleep Number® Bed. What Can It Be?

If both the pump and air chambers in your Sleep Number® bed seem to be functioning correctly, the problem with sagging in your bed could be found in the breaking down of the comfort layers, located above the air chambers or side rails of your Sleep Number® bed.

AirBed Pros offers easy-to-install replacement comfort layers that can be utilized by simply unzipping the Mattress Cover of your Mattress, placing the comfort layer upon the existing air chambers, and then zipping the bed back up.

We offer several options, to ensure that you get the comfort you are looking for. These include a 1.5 inch multi-zoned support foam that rests on top of the air chambers. You may also want to consider our 3 inch Latex and Memory Foam Topper to place on top of or inside the mattress, offering a look and feel that is full and comfortable.

I am the person trying to get two (2) M236 + 2' of hose. Tried twice to enter info and credit card information. Received an error message about having trouble accessing database.

In most cases closing out the window and reopening the website to place the order works ok. Sometimes old cookies can cause errors.

 If you recieve an error code while placing an order, Please call (314) 599-2777

How Do I Replace the Mattress Cover Ticking of my Sleep Number® bed (Zippered Cover)?

The ticking of older Sleep Number® Beds were made with blends of cotton, rayon, and other materials that are not as durable and long-lasting as materials used in our AIRPRO Beds comfort tops today. Every replacement mattress cover we sell are layered with support foam and quilted carefully, in order to withstand repeated nightly use.

While replacing your Sleep Number® mattress ticking with a new and durable one from AirBed Pros is very effective, there is more that you can do to prevent the breaking down of your mattress over time: using our protective barrier on your bed will prevent any body fluids, dead skin cells, and dust mites from entering the bed and breaking down the topper. This will also add to your personal sleep hygiene, making it easy to launder away any dirt and other particles that would normally be damaging to your bed, and will extend the life of your ticking.

How Can I Find Replacement Parts for an S.A.T. (Self Adjusting Technology) Bed?

You've come to the right place! At AirBed Pros, we offer an exclusive repair parts recommended for use with all dual adjustable air beds including Self Adjusting Technology (S.A.T.) beds. In this way, you can remove the old pump and air chambers in your S.A.T. bed and replace them with high-quality materials and parts guaranteed to last. Everything you need can be found right here in one place. For help with installation or any further questions about the products and services offered at AirBed Pros, please visit our Contact Us page, or call 314-599-2777.

How Do I Contact AirBed Pros for Customer Support for my Sleep Number® bed?

We want every customer to feel comfortable and have answers to every question they might have. That is why you can contact us via email, instant chat, through our Contact Us page, or simply by giving us a call at 314-599-2777 for help with any problems you may have with aSleep Number® bed. We are always happy to help.

Why should I buy a Bed from AirBedPros.com?

All of our Adjustable Air Beds are designed to individually cater to the softness and positioning needs of both sleepers, providing optimal settings for both people to get the true rest they deserve. Powered by pneumatic piston-driven air bed pumps, each Adjustable Air Bed comes with either a non-digital firmer/softer setting or dual remotes with 50 luxury comfort settings to ensure that you get the perfect sleep. Every bed we sell is also equipped with specialized No Gap Design technology that ensures cross-directional air flow and equal support across the whole structure, avoiding the typical gap in the middle of the bed.

All parts that are included in the adjustable air bed are of the highest quality, and are easy to use not to mention they come with our specialized warranty and factory direct pricing. You can save up to $2,000 dollars off of the retail price of other manufacturers when you go with AirBed Pros. 

I would like to know if there is anywhere that I can physically look at your mattresses that you have. I live on the west side of Missouri about 45 minutes east of Kansas City. I was really considering a Dual Adjustable Air Bed and found your website.

Air Bed Pros is now open to the public.

We offer Adjustable Air Beds and Air Bed Repair Parts for Sleep Number® beds Online and In Store. We are a Wholesale Mattress retailer and sell online to the public via our website AirBedPros.com. and our warehouse located in Pacific Missouri. Please call us directly at (314) 599-2777 to place an order or schedule your visit with our knowledge Sleep Specialists today!

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