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We specialize in repairing Air Leaks and Bed Sagging in Select Comfort®, Sleep Number® and other Adjustable Air Beds. 

- DISCLAIMER - we do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® brand products and we are not affiliated in any way, as with the information on this site making reference to Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® and the use of their trademark names is for compatible and adaptability purposes only.

Do you need Air Leak Repair Help? 

I have a Patented Repair Hose and Pressure Bonded Connectors to help repair air leaks in your Sleep Number® bed fast. If you do require a New Pump or Air Chambers we carry the AIRPRO Pump and Air Chambers the adapt to any existing Sleep Number® bed with no adaptors required. This (Direct Connection) prevents air leaks from unlike hose fittings. This unique Direct Connection pump and air chambers are only offered by the Air Bed Repair Man Here on our website!

Start a thread with the AIRPRO by sending me an email below so I can better serve you.


Do you need Bed Sagging Repair Help? 

I have designed a Side Dominant Support rail system and non stretch mattress cover to provide support on the sides of Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers. This support is needed in order for the air chambers to raise and lower your body to a comfortable supported level. 

Have more questions about how we can help you with a sagging Sleep Number® Bed? You can send me an email below requesting assistance.


Want us to build you a New Air Bed? 

Start by sending an email below requesting a quote for the parts you will need for a complete bed. We will be happy to help. 

Our design is simple and functional. It operates with added support and adjustability of your entire body. Love Air Beds but not the repair? Choose a better design...AIRPRO Air Bed Parts!


 Brandon Fry

AIRPRO Air Bed Repair Man

1211 Old Smelter Road

Union Missouri, 63069

(314) 599-2777