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SUPPORT FOAM BUNDLES - Support Foam for Sleep Number Beds

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Use Support Foam Bundles to Repair Sleep Number Bed Sagging

We do not sell Sleep Number Beds or Sleep Number brand products and we are in no way affiliated with the Sleep Number Corp. the use of their trademark names is for adaptation and compatibility purposes only!






What Causes Bed Sagging?


Fact; The most common cause of bed sagging is broken down support foam! This combined with the mattress cover stretching out at the sides prevents the air chambers from having the support on all four sides that it needs to only respond to your body on the top. 

This Support Foam Bundle can be used with your working pump and air chambers to rebuild your Sleep Number Bed and provide firm support for your air chambers so they provide you with a full range of adjustments. This will allow you to lower your settings and prevent your bed from sagging.


Each bundle Includes foam rails and inserts to fit your desired mattress thickness. 6 8 10 or 12 inches thick.


Measure your Foam Rails and inserts inside your mattress cover to determine which size bundle you will need.


The unique design of AIRPRO Foam Rails include extra FIRM Z70 Foam enhanced with 45 degree angles in the corners to lock the rails in place and prevent the rails from tipping over.


IN RAIL Foam Inserts are used to reduce pressure on the shoulder and hips when the air is let out of the air chambers. With lower model beds no base foam is used. 


OVER RAIL Foam Inserts are manufactured out of D28 comfort and support foam that fits inside the zipper mattress cover to create your desired pillow top mattress thickness with 2 inch layers. Additional 2 inch layers are used to create taller bundles.  


Example (6 inch rail + (2) 2 inch over rail foam inserts = 10 inch support foam bundle)


6 Inch Support Foam Bundle Includes;


6" Foam Rails - Set of four foam rails with 45 % angles to lock side rails in place.
Center Foam Divider - Fits between chambers
In Rail Foam Insert - Only Covers Chambers


8 Inch Support Foam Bundle Includes;


6" Foam Rails - Set of four foam rails with 45 % angles to lock side rails in place
Center Foam Divider - Fits between chambers
2" Over Rail Foam Insert - Includes 1 layer


10 Inch Support Foam Bundle Includes;


6" Foam Rails - Set of four foam rails with 45 % angles to lock side rails in place
Center Foam Divider - Fits between chambers
2" Over Rail Foam Insert - Includes 2 layers


12 Inch Support Foam Bundle Includes;


6" Foam Rails - Set of four foam rails with 45 % angles to lock side rails in place
Center Foam Divider - Fits between chambers
2" Over Rail Foam Insert - Includes 3 layers




The real Sleep Number bed sagging ‘fix’

We have owned a Sleep Number bed for four years- three of which the mattress has not maintained adequate support (even when set at 90/95).
The mattress sides were collapsing and the middle was ‘trenched’. Nowhere in our contacts with the company did they acknowledge a design flaw. The ‘fix’ Sleep Number suggested was to recalibrate the air pump, then bu While Internet searches confirmed similar complaints, we also discovered Air Bed Pros ‘Rebuild your Sleep Number Bed’. We contacted Brandon (yes, he answers the phone even on weekends) to explain our all too familiar i Within one week we received the answer- a mattress cover bundle that included interlocking, dense foam rails. Needing tips on reassembling our mattress, Brandon was once again patient and thorough as he walked us thro We are happy to report we now wake up rested, without aches and pains (and the Sleep Number settings are as low as 30/35).
Brandon’s ingenuity, coupled with outstanding customer service truly helped us to rebuild our bed- at a fraction of the cost of Sleep Number parts or a new mattress.

What a Company, Hats off to the AIRPRO

This package is exactly what my bed needed for my dual chamber 6i we bought in 2012. (Yes, 6 years old and foam fatigue is NOT covered under their warranty as it is considered “normal wear and tear”) The bolsters are my favorite, they provide firm support I needed. Thanks Air Bed Pros!!

Absolute superior quality of your products has us in complete astonishment!

We recently had to replace our original Zinus Adjust A Firm king sized 23 year old bed. I had been searching for a quality replacement, at a very reasonable price.

I am so thankful, and happy that we found Airbed Pros, and Brandon. The absolute superior quality of your products has us in complete astonishment. We are now resting peacefully in comfort. Your products and service

Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You Now have customers for life. I will let everyone know about you and your amazing company. God bless you Brandon and Airbed Pros.

Sincerely Carl R Seiler

Brandon was really helpful

I ended up calling Air Bed pros to make sure I was getting the product that I needed. Brandon was really helpful and explained what would be best to fix my sad, saggy two chamber Sleep Number bed. When I got it, I was really surprised, I am super happy with my bed now! It was easy to put together and I really like that I didn't have to buy a new mattress to have that amazing new bed. I found my perfect bed feeling. Thanks so much!

The customer service at AirBed Pros is 5 stars!

My Wife and I contacted Sleep Number Beds about replacement parts for our split king size adjustable power bed.

The side rails, foam top pads, and cover were worn out from normal use as well as the raising and lowering of the power reclining bed.

What we found when we contacted Sleep Number was a customer service that left us on hold for 20 minutes but that was just the beginning. After we finally spoke to a sales rep. about replacement parts for our worn out beds we started searching the internet to see if there were any third-party replacement parts. I came across a couple different companies that made replacement parts but it wasn't until I found Airbed Pros and the complete replacement bed, Our bed was bulging out at the sides and we were constantly waking up in the middle of the night and pushing the mattress back on the foundation.

The customer service at AirBed Pros is 5 star as well when I called with the questions after getting the parts.

Well, I can go on and on praising AirBed Pros and would be glad to talk to anyone about how great my bed is now, (actually bed is better than the original bed) but watch the videos they have and call Brandon yourself, you Ron & Tami Unger Salem, Wi.

Thank you Brandon for supporting Vets.

I replaced my side rails, pump and air chambers on my E. King sleep number bed.

The quality of the replacements is so much better than the original equipment. It is very obvious from the moment I opened the box. Easy install and great night sleep - again!

Thank you Brandon for supporting Vets.

Wouldn't have believed it possible!!

First to say, I don't usually write reviews. Air Bed Pros 6" Support Foam Rails replaced the foam rails in my p6 Sleep number bed.

They made an absolute amazing difference! It renewed my number bed to better than it was when new.

The firm support it provided made all the difference to the air chambers as well. I went from resless sleep of maybe 5-6 hours to a full 8 hours of peaceful/restful sleep.

Wouldn't have believed it possible!!

Thank You Brandon for your assessment of the problem with my p6 foam rails, bed support and recommendation for these rails.

What a difference!! I'm grateful!

Would recommend AirProBeds to anyone who is serious about getting the best product along with the most professional/Impecable service that is 2nd to none!!

Who would ever buy parts from Sleep number when Air Bed Pros is around to help?

Tremendous upgrade to our quality of sleep!

Mattress cover and foam rails arrived within a week of ordering. Pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship. Feels like an upgrade from the original sleep number.

Getting the new bedding has made a tremendous upgrade to our quality of sleep!

Thanks for your help Brandon.

I have an old sleep by number bed and it was dipping in the middle.

I talked to Brandon and ordered new foam rails awhile back. He talked to me about ordering a new cover for my bed, but I thought mine looked good so I The rails helped a lot and initially the bed felt better, but I still had a dip in the center and was hesitant to spend the extra money.
That all changed because I recently had back surgery and I found my bed uncomfortable . So I came back to this site, read reviews again, and decided to buy a new cover. I talked to Brandon. He was very helpful again and So, if you are reviewing this site and thinking about it but are not sure, go ahead and call him or order. You won't be sorry. Between the replaced rails and the cover my bed is like new.

Thanks for your help Brandon.

I had a large sag in the middle of our 5 year old sleep number bed

We were experiencing a large sag in the middle of our 5 year old sleep number bed, and it was exacerbating my chronic back problems. I have had several spinal surgeries, so a good mattress is vitally important.
I thought I was stuck with my sagging Sleep Number, as the costs to replace are prohibitive, especially after only 5 years! Also, the sleep number website does not easily let you search costs for repairs, nor offer replacement I purchased the Foam bundle, installed it without difficulty, and experienced an immediate improvement in the firmness of the mattress and a decrease in my back pain. Wonderful product, works as advertised!
The only small criticism I have is that it would have been helpful to have some simple directions, just to ensure I did the installation correctly, such as where to place the air hoses- over or under?
Thank you!