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Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds

Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds

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Replacement SUPPORT FOAM RAILS for Sleep Number® Beds 

Available in 6 or 8 inch tall sizes


Firm Z70 Replacement Foam Support Rails for Sleep Number® Beds 


Add our FIRM Z70 support foam rails that are design with 45 degree angles to lock your that rails up straight and provide firm support for your Sleep Number® bed air chambers. Be Sure to Measure to see if your Sleep Number® foam rails are 6 inches tall or closer to 8 inches tall for proper fit. 

We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® brand Support Foam Rails.  We are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp or Sleep Number® brand products, the use of their trademark names is for compatibility purposes only.


Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® with 6 inch or 8 inch high Support Foam Rails


      AIRPRO Replacement Foam Support Rails - Add our Side Dominant Design foam support rails to provide firm support for Sleep Number® bed air chambers on all four sides so they can respond better to your body on top. This will prevent the air chamebrs from sliding apart and causing gaps to form in the middle of your Sleep Number® bed or Bed-Sagging.


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