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Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds

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Available in 6 or 8 inch tall sizes

Replacement Foam Support Rails for Sleep Number® Beds 

  • Add our Z70 Firm foam support rails are design with 45 degree angles to lock your two Sleep Number® bed air chambers together. Be Sure to Measure to see if your Sleep Number® foam rails are 6 inches tall or closer to 8 inches tall for proper fit. 
  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® brand Support Foam Rails.  We are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp or Sleep Number® brand products, the use of their trademark names is for compatibility purposes only.


Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® with 6 inch or 8 inch high Support Foam Rails


      Support Foam Rails 

      AIRPRO Replacement Foam Support Rails - Add our nylon reinforced foam support rails to lock your two Sleep Number® bed air chambers together. This will prevent the air chamebrs from sliding apart and causing gaps to form in the middle of your Sleep Number® bed or Bed-Sagging.


      Design Medium Firm Density Foam Provides Support for the Air Chambers.  Interlocking Fabric Wrap Locks Air Chambers together and Prevents the Sidewalls of Sleep Number® beds from bowing out.