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Support Foam Parts for Sleep Number® Beds


Replacement Support Foam Parts Rails Inserts Toppers for Sleep Number® Beds

Support Foam Inserts Rails & Toppers for Sleep Number® beds by Select Comfort


  • We do not sell Sleep Number® bed foam parts.


Over time support foam parts of a Sleep Number® bed can break down, becoming less supportive and causing bed sagging and rolling to the middle.


Use AIRPRO Nylon Reinforced Support Foam Rails to repair Sleep Number® Bed Sagging by locking the air chambers together and add a Support Foam Insert to take up the extra space inside the mattress cover.

The zippered cover of your Sleep Number® bed can stretch out after years of use much like your favorite pair of jeans. The fabric can become thin or your support foam insert can tear and foam rails may begin to bow out or sag.

By using our affordable and high quality replacement mattress covers you can Prevent Bed-Sagging by Locking the Air Chambers together and Squaring Up the extra space inside with a New AIRPRO Mattress Cover that includes our replacement support foam rails and insert.



Contact AirBed Pros at 314-599-2777 for Support Foam Parts Compatible with your Sleep Number® bed today. 

Our Support Foam Air Bed Parts and Mattress Covers are designed for use with all Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort®, Comfortaire®, Sleep Comfort, Somma, Sealy, Serta, Land and Ski and more.


  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Support Foam Parts and we are in no way affiliated with Select Comfort® corp.
  • We do not sell Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® Brand Support Foam Parts and we are in no way affiliated with Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® companies.


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AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros - Hello, how can I help?

Peter - I have a sleep Number bed that is sagging in the middle between the two chambers... just wondering on how to fix and how much for support foam parts?

AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros - I'll be glad to help, bed sagging is caused by the zipper cover stretching out over time, causing more space inside. This allows the air chambers to move around more with only corner locks. (Often times it causes most to raise the number higher to firm the Sleep Number® Bed up which can cause a rolling to the middle feeling.)

Add a foam insert inside to take up the space and Nylon reinforced foam support rails.

Also, If your Sleep Number® Bed has an air leak, let me know.  As this will cause bed sagging as well from tossing and turning in the night. A simple air leak repair kit can prevent breaking down of the support foam.

Peter - I Just placed an order for the support foam, Im gonna try the foam insert first Thanks!

AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros - Thank you for your purchase! I'll be here if I can help.

Peter - Got my foam insert made my bed go from crap to decent... just wondering if there is anything else that tends to wear out..I'd like the sag in the middle just a bit tighter.  

AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros - Our foam support rails lock the air chambers together well. (then add your plastic corner locks from the top down)

In Addition, upgrading the air chambers with ours will eliminate the center gap all together. (use a adaptor hose to connect to your pump)

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