Build A Bed

AIRPRO Air Bed Parts can be used to BUILD A BED customized to your specific needs.

We sell items individually because a majority of our customers only need a few parts. But we can Build you a New Bed with our high quality air bed parts.


Start by selecting your mattress thickness. We make sizes ranging from 6 inches thick to 12 inches thick.

You will need to add the items individually to your Shopping Cart.


Start by adding your Mattress Cover, Pump & Air Chamber system, and Support Foam Bundle to your Shopping Cart.

The Air Chambers are Always 6 inches tall fully inflated.

I suggest using the 6 inch rails included in the SUPPORT FOAM BUNDLES. 

You can choose your size bundle to fit the mattress cover. Meaning, a 6 inch bundle includes 6 inch rails and a center foam divider and InRail foam insert.

When you go to an 8 inch bundle to a 10 or 12 inch cover it will add a 2 inch later of foam above the air chambers up to 12 inches thick.

If you have questions about Building A Bed with Air Bed Parts from Air Bed Pros, please call text or email me for fast service. 

Brandon AIRPRO 

(314) 599-2777