Air Bed Pros ~ Support Foam Air Bed Repair Parts For Sleep Number® Beds

Air Bed Pros ~ Support Foam Air Bed Repair Parts For Sleep Number® Beds

Replacement Support Foam Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds from Air Bed Pros

  • compatible with Sleep Number® Beds
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Are you suffering with Bed Sagging in a Sleep Number® Bed? 

Air Bed Pros offers Support Foam Air Bed Repair Parts for Sleep Number® Beds. Shop for Air Bed Repair Parts to Fix Bed Sagging from Air Bed Pros. Our Air Bed Repair Parts will bring new life back to your old air bed.

Repairing your Sleep Number® Bed is a lot easier than you might think. If you have time to repair your Sleep Number® Bed, take a moment to strip down your mattress and unzip it. Taking a look inside may help you see how this design may help you fix Bed Sagging in your Sleep Number® Bed.

While is is a fact that not all Sleep Number® Beds will experience bed sagging, those that do will need help repairing it and we came up with a design for that need.


Air Bed Pros ~ Replacement Support Foam Air Bed Parts to Repair Bed Sagging in Sleep Number® Beds

Side Dominant Foam Rails use a nylon rap to lock the air chambers together to prevent bed sagging, and the head to foot rails wedge the side rails in place by adding a 45 Degree Corner to lock the side rails in place.

This is referred to as "Side Dominant" as pictured in image below.


Air Bed Pros ~ Side Dominant Foam Rails for Sleep Number® Beds

45 Degree Angle Corner Design

This Side Dominant design locks the rails in place to form the area were your air chambers will be locked together and to ease the transition from the left side to the right be sure to add a new Center Foam Divider for proper spacing if you are using  Sleep Number® bed air chambers.

These support foam rails for air bed repair are fabric rapped and full stitched closed! This fully tailored design provides longer life than other designs that have the foam exposed by preventing the foam from drying out.

This will fix bed sagging by adding support back inside your air bed, offering a repair to the inside of your air bed. This design is enhanced by our Canvas Reinforced Mattress Cover Side Panel which further holds the mattress in place adding another layer of support to prevent air bed sagging. Find out more here

Air Bed Pros ~ Side Dominant Support Foam Rails for Bed Sagging Air Bed Repair

Our Replacement Support Foam Air Bed Parts are are designed to bring New Life and Comfort back to your Sleep Number® bed. See how the support foam rails in the picture below hold the air chambers in place, locking them together will prevent bed sagging! 


 Air Bed Pros ~ Support Foam Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds



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6 Inch Foam Rails 

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Base Foam Insert

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