How to Repair Sleep Number® Beds - Air Bed Pros

How to Repair Sleep Number® Beds - Air Bed Pros

How to Repair Sleep Number® Beds - Air Bed Pros

- We do not sell the Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Products and the information below is for adaptability purposes only.


1. Start by removing your bed linens and the zippered mattress cover to access the air chambers of your Sleep Number® Bed.  At the Head of the bed, remove the Head Foam Boarder Wall to access the Sleep Number® Bed air hose connections.  You will see the air connectors below the foam boarder wall.

2. Next, remove the air hose by pushing in the Button of the Connector to Pull and Remove the Air Hose from the Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber. This step can be tricky because if the connector has a Hair line crack in it the connector may break off leaving half of the connector inside the hose and half still connected to the air chamber. Note; you may also fing the black o ring inside the push button connector. This will be because it broke off of the male fitting. 

3. If you are able to remove the connector, be sure to inspect the F-236 Female Air Bed Parts Connector Fitting on the inside to see if you can see a hair line crack that may be forming, or if the black o ring is stuck inside.

4. After inspecting both the M-236 Male fitting to be sure the o ring is in tack, and Female Air Bed Parts Connector Fittings on your Sleep Number® Bed if neither of these areas show signs of being cracked or broken, try to switch the air hoses from the Left to Right Side, being sure to switch the remote controls too so you will be adjusting the correct sides of the bed in dual units.  Leave the air hoses connected for a couple of nights to see what you find.

This will do two things, allow you to see if the same air chamber leaks air, or if the other side of your Sleep Number® Bed begins to leak air.

  1. If the Same Side of of your Sleep Number® Bed is Leaking Air after this test, you can bet you have an Air Chamber or Male Connector Leaking on that side of your Sleep Number® Bed.
  2. If the other side Begins to Leak Air, you may have a Air Leak in the Sleep Number® Pump or Connector Hose on that side. 

Either way, the first thing you can do (and least expensive) is to Replace your Air Bed Parts Connectors.

If you happen to find that the Sleep Number® Bed connector is not your issue, replacing your Sleep Number® Bed pump or air chambers may be needed. 

If you would like to replace only the part that is leaking, you can purchase an adaptor hose to connect our air bed parts to your existing Air Bed pump or air chambers. These Connector hoses are available to make the repair simple and inexpensive to do.


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- We do not sell the Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Products, and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporation. The information on this page is for adaptability purposes only. Sleep Number® and Select Comfort® are registered trademarks.


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