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Air Bed Parts Connectors for Sleep Number® Beds

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Air Bed Part Connectors for Sleep Number® Beds

 Air bed connectors for Sleep Number® Beds.

If you need to repair a Sleep Number® Bed air leak, you will want to start by replacing your air bed parts connectors at the pump and air chamber connections of your Sleep Number® Bed.


You can do this by replacing your Air Bed Connectors located inside your Sleep Number® Bed and at the pump hose connection. These are the f236 female push button connector on your Sleep Number® Bed pump hose and add the m236 large hose to the port of your for Sleep Number® Bed air chamber.


Purchase replacement air bed parts connectors for Sleep Number® Bed repair here.


  • Disclaimer; We Do Not Sell the Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Parts and are in no way affiliated with Select Comfort® Corp.


Our Replacement Air Bed Parts Connectors are designed for use with Sleep Number® Bed pump and air chamber fittings to form a new air tight seal.  

Easily repair your Sleep Number® Bed Pump or Air Chamber Fittings with these Replacement Air Bed Parts designed with high quality Hardened Resin & Pressure Bonded Hose Fittings to prevent cracking and breaking off of the fitting when under pressure.



Watch video F236 Air Bed Parts Connector

Use the F-236 Female Air Bed Parts Connector to stop air leaks Fast in your Sleep Number® Bed Pump Push Button Fittings with this Connector.  The push button style allows you to release the pump hose from the air chamber for moving or repairing the bed.


Watch video F-236-SMALL Air Bed Parts Connector

Use the F-236 Small Female Air Bed Parts Connector for repairing the small hose on 4 hose Sleep Number® Bed Pumps.


For a couple of years the Sleep Number® 7000 and 9000 models came with the four hose pump and air chamber system in it which used a smaller hose on each side to read the pressure and the larger hose inflated and deflated the air.


Watch video M-236 Small Hose with Male Air Bed Parts Connector

Fitting Pulled Out Repair

Use the M236 Small Hose with New Male Air Bed Parts Connector and small Hose for Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers that have had the fitting pulled out of the bonded latex area of the chamber.  This hose is small enough to be pushed inside the hole once the old male fitting is removed so you can repair your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber.


Watch Video M-236 Large Hose with Male Air Bed Parts Connector

Broken O Ring Repair


Use the M-236 Large Hose with New Male Air Bed Parts Connector and O Ring to Repair Broken O Rings on Sleep Number® Bed air chamber ports.  By pushing the hose over the remaining Male fitting on your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber you can then connect to your pump again.


- We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Parts, and are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® or the Sleep Number® Beds. The use of the trademarked names is for adaptability compatibility purposes only.


 If you require assistance, call me Brandon the AIRPRO at (314) 599-2777 for fast friendly service!



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