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Foam Inserts for Sleep Number® Bed Sagging

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Support Foam Inserts

AIRPRO Support Foam Inserts Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Parts

Consider adding one of our Support Foam Inserts to your Dual Adjustable Air Bed to take up extra space from the cover stretching out over time. This will help prevent bed sagging and add some comfort that may have been lost over the years.

In Dual Chamber Units, support foam inserts will ease the transition from the left side to the right allowing for the mattress to feel more like one.

  • We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Parts


Support Foam Insert 

AIRPRO Replacement Support Foam Inserts

AirPRO Multi-zoned support foam inserts are design to be placed above the air chambers which will provide a body balancing support and pressure point reduction between you and the air chambers.

It offers 3 Zones, one for your shoulders, hips, and legs. By using this foam insert above your air chambers, it eases the transition from left side to right, as well as eliminates any gap in the center. 

Consider using the Air PRO Multi-Zoned Support Foam in your existing Dual Adjustable Air Bed to prevent Bed Sagging. 


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