Repair Hoses for Sleep Number® Bed Air Leak Repair

Repair Hoses for Sleep Number® Bed Air Leak Repair

Repair Hoses & Connectors for Sleep Number® Bed Air Leak Repair


If you have an air leak in your Sleep Number Bed, first check the connection from the pump hose to the air chamber ports. You may find one of these has happened;

A. Fitting pulled out of chamber. If this is the case, use the M236 Small Hose to repair it.


B. When removing the pump hose fitting from the air chamber port the hull or head of the fitting can break off. This prevents the pump and air chamber from having an air tight seal. To repair it use the M236 Large Hose.


C. You may have to trace down a pin hole leak in the canvas portion of the air chamber. In which case you will need to use the Canvas Latex Patch


D. Using a Cap to seal the air chamber off will help determine if you have a leak in the air chamber. Purchase a Cap to test sleep number bed air chambers here.


F. Replacing the F236 Connector for Sleep Number Bed Pump Hoses will eliminate any cracks in the female hose connector. Purchase the F236 Pump Hose Connector for Sleep Number Beds here.



If you require assistance repairing your Sleep Number Bed Air Leak please call the air bed repair man at BRANDON @ (314) 599-2777


Recently a customer asked; 

Hi, I have an air leak in my Sleep Number® bed air mattress, I'm hopping you can help me understand how to repair it. It does not look like the port can be removed. It appears to be bonded inside a tan color latex material. 


Here is my question; If the male connector or Port, on the Sleep Number® air mattress has the o ring missing. The plastic head of the fitting also appears to be broken off. Long story, is this able to be repaired or replaced?


YES ~ Use the M236 Large Hose to repair it by stretching the bare end of the hose over the port of your Sleep Number® bed air chamber, use gorilla glue for best results.


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Watch air Bed repair videos here




if your fitting has come out of the air chamber use the m236 small hose,


Watch the m236 small hose air Bed repair video here


If your fitting has come out of the Sleep Number® air chambers bonded latex area you can use our M-236-sm-hose to fit inside the hole and glue.



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