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I have a dual chamber select comfort® bed that I love, Can you help with my Air Leak?

Posted by Brandon Fry on

I have a dual chamber select comfort® bed that I love, but I've already replaced the pump once and I seem to be having trouble with the pump again.

After moving 4 years ago, one side of my bed would not stay inflated when connected to the pump, so I inflated and then capped that side and it did stay inflated. The other side worked fine and so I figured there was a leak in one of the hoses. The last few months, there seems to be a problem with the other side as well. It will fill the chamber if there is no weight on it, but as soon as you lie down on the chamber it loses air faster than it can fill it. I cannot find a leak in the hoses on either side and nothing appears to be broken, but the only way to keep the chambers inflated is to keep them capped. Because of this I'm not able to adjust the fullness of the chambers very well and i know they are not where i prefer them. The pump still seems to works. Is it possible to replace the hoses? Is there a cheaper option than buying the whole new pump from select comfort®? I currently have pump model #PFCS02-DR, if that helps. I'd appreciate any suggestions or options that you can give me. Thanks!


The pump may have a small crack at the connectors. Try adding our F-236 connector repair parts kit Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Pumps.



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