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Signs you may have an air leak in your Sleep Number® bed pump or air chambers

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Brandon Fry Air Bed Repair Man

How to find Air leaks in Sleep Number® beds by Brandon Fry - Air Bed Pros


Signs you may have an air leak in your Sleep Number® bed include regularly adding air to one side or the other, rolling to the middle or one side of the bed sagging!


If you own a Sleep Number® bed, and are experiencing an air leak or trouble with your pump and or remote control, try these tips to find and repair your Sleep Number® bed with AIRPRO Air Bed Parts.


My name is Brandon and I provide high quality and affordable air bed parts that are compatible with your Sleep Number® bed to repair air leaks, bed sagging, and rolling to the middle.

Disclaimer - We are in no way affiliated with Select Comfort® or the Sleep Number® Bed Stores, and we do not sell Sleep Number® beds or Sleep Number® brand bed products. The information on this page for air leak repair is provided for compatibility purposes only of our Air Leak Repair Kits to Sleep Number Beds!

Some things you may notice that should be signs your Sleep Number® bed has an air leak is the remote control is reading funny or ER error messages, Pump continues to run, not stopping or stopping after long periods of time. This can damage the pump of your Sleep Number® bed as well. 

another common cause to any air leak in Sleep Number Beds is if you have recently removed the bed or vacuum under the bed, this can cause broken connections. 

I offer repair kits that provide you with a cost effective way to repair your Sleep Number® bed air leak, helping you sleep better in the bed you love!

Common Causes for Air Leaks in Sleep Number® beds

Repair kit for sleep number bed air leaks



F236 Air Bed Parts Connector for Sleep Number bed Pumps


  • 1st Air Leak Cause in Sleep Number® beds (Broken Push Button Connector)
  • Answer = F236 Air Bed Parts Connector
  • When removing the hose from the air chamber, the fitting can break off, leaving half of the fitting on the air chamber (Push Button Side) and the other half inside the air hose.


M236 Large Hose for Sleep Number Bed Air Chambers with a broken port



  • 2nd Air Leak Cause in Sleep Number® beds (Broken O-ring)
  • Answer = M236-LG/HOSE
  • When removing the hose from the air chamber, the o-ring can break off inside the hose fitting. The Hull of the air chamber fitting can break off and be stuck inside the push button connector. (Try using a ink pen to pop it out) 

M236 Small Hose fits in the hole of Sleep Number Bed Air Chambers with the port removed


  • 3rd Air Leak Cause in Sleep Number® beds (Fitting or Plug Pulled Out)
  • Answer =  M236-SM/HOSE
  • Commonly, people do not know to unzip the top on their Sleep Number® bed and when moving the bed or working on it they can pull the hose out of the air chambers bonded latex area by yanking on the pump.


Patches made of pure Latex with Canvas reinforcing strength for Sleep Number Bed Air Chamber Repair


  • 4th Air Leak Cause in Sleep Number® beds (Hole in Canvas Air Chamber)
  • Answer = Canvas Air Chamber Patch
  • The canvas covers of latex air chambers can splinter causing a pin hole size air leak that for a long time may go un noticed, until you are trying to inflate the mattress more frequently.



For Air Bed Parts that are compatible with Sleep Number® bed parts, just call (314) 599-2777 and ask for Brandon and i will be glad to help you.

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