Another Bold Step By Man Towards Sleeping On Air!

Another Bold Step By Man Towards Sleeping On Air!

Up Cycling Air Beds - Better Than Buying New!


We Do Not Sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand products and we are in no way affiliated with the sleep number corp.



Another Bold Step By Man Towards Sleeping On Air!


By now I’m sure you have heard of, if not own a Sleep Number® bed. This is a style of dual adjustable air beds that allow each sleeper to have a different air pressure. With popular models like the p5 or 5000 series, consumers would flock to stores to find their Sleep Number®! Often times ending on the most expensive $10,000 model! 

All the while not understanding that it is just an air bed!

Getting back to basics, air beds don’t require fancy expensive pumps and so called smart apps! They do require high quality support foam and mattress covers!

Now a days if you have a working pump and air chambers, it’s worth money, to you or someone else who may want to rebuild a sleep number® bed!

With our support foam bundles and mattress covers you can upcycle your old working pump and air chambers to build a new improved air bed!

Pumps and air chambers can last up to 30 or more years, however the foam and mattress covers don’t.

In the market to rebuild?

In order to help you rebuild your bed, we will need to know what kind of bed you have. This will give use the information to direct you better.

What kind of pump and air chambers do you have? Popular styles of dual adjustable air beds are;

Select Comfort®

Sleep Number®

Dream Number®



We do not sell these brands but our air bed parts are compatible and adaptable to them.

Reach out to us, we will be happy to help you understand this concept more!

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