As an inventor, your most important goal is to impress your first customers

As an inventor, your most important goal is to impress your first customers

As an inventor, my most important goal is to impress every customer and treat them like investors!

In my case it was a group of local aerospace engineers and St. Louis business owners!


I can still remember my efforts to answer their issues with a strong demand for higher quality products that really could last longer and be easily repaired.


My presentations to potential buyers had a strong impact on obtaining funding to grow. My first attempt at building a pump and air chamber system was not as pretty as the ones I offer for sale now but they propelled me to find better solutions!


I still pride myself on that same personal approach to selling; reach out to me, Brandon the AIRPRO at (314) 599-2777.


Hello, and Thank you for contacting Air Bed Pros, my name is Brandon, how can I help?


I’ll begin by asking if you own a Sleep Number®

or Select Comfort® bed? Disclaimer; 

- We do not sell the Sleep Number® brand air Bed parts or products or Select Comfort® SleepiQ® brand products, and we are in no way affiliated with the select comfort corp. The use of the trademarked names is for adaptability and compatibility purposes only. 


If yes, I can explain the benefits of our reinforced design mattress covers and side dominant support foam bundles to repair bed sagging, or how the Air leak repair kits are used, and if needed how to use the pump and air chambers.


If not, Ill be happy to explain how our AIRPRO Air Bed Parts can be used to build a bed better than new!


With high quality products and superior customer service; allow me to help you understand the mattress industry and how it has drastically changed over the past 20 years.


No time for a call; visit me online. There you will be able to shop for parts and research repairs as well as purchase with Your Choice of payment easily.


If you require assistance at any point please know I’ll be happy to help!


Brandon Inventor

Air Bed Pros

1211 Old Smelter Road

Union Mo 63084

(314) 599-2777

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