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Build Your Next Air Bed Here

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Build Your Air Bed

Build your next Adjustable Bed with AIRPRO Air Bed Parts!


Begin by selecting your mattress cover. This will determine what size and height your mattress will be and we can provide all the parts to build it that size for you.


Mattress Covers


Once you have selected a size for your mattress cover, you will need to choose support foam to fit. Our nylon reinforced support foam rails and foam inserts will fill the space while providing firm support on all four sides for your air chambers. 


Support Foam Bundle


Once you have added the appropriate size support foam bundle to your cart, you will need a Pump and Air Chamber System designed to fit your bed. By selecting either a wired or wireless pump and the air chambers for your size bed you will be in great shape!


Pump & Air Chambers


Now that you have the pump, air chambers, support foam, and mattress Cover, you will be able to Build Your Air Bed!


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