Can you help with suggestions about air chamber out gassing?

Can you help with suggestions about air chamber out gassing?

Last month I purchased an air chamber to replace my old Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber and after installing it I found a bad smell in my bedroom. 

Can you help with suggestions about replacing latex air chambers and out gassing?


Yes, if you are replacing a Sleep Number® air chamber, follow these tips for the best results;


Best tip;

Cap off your old Sleep Number® air chamber before removing it from your air bed! This will prevent old stale air from escaping into your bedroom.

You will notice that when we manufacturer our AIRPRO air chambers, a cap is installed promptly to seal off the inside latex core from the open air!

This is important because as the air chambers core dries out it can develop internal cracks causing air leaks when the air chamber is inflated.

If you find that your new air chamber is out gassing, Latex air chambers will have a unique scent to them but once installed they are almost unnoticeable.
I recommend installing them inside your Sleep Number® bed promptly to reduce the odor in your room. Once they are inside the bed they become insulated from the open air and the odor will go away.
Once more, the smell of the old air being evacuated from your Sleep Number® air chamber in the room prior to installing the new one may leave the odor lingering for a few days. 
My best advice is when replacing an air chamber, cap it off and release the old air outside to prevent out gassing of stale air from inside the chamber when replacing a Sleep Number® bed air chamber.
Do you have a question about how to help reduce the odor when changing out a Sleep Number® bed air chamber?
Give me a call or post a comment below and I’ll try to help!

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