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Will your Air Bed Parts work with the NEW Sleep Number® Bed 360 Smart Beds?

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Parts for Sleep Number® 360 Air Beds

With the new design of Sleep Number® Beds on the market, consumers are beginning to ask for help with the NEW  Sleep Number® Bed 360 Smart Beds.

~ we do not sell Sleep Number® Bed 360 products and we are in no way affiliated with the  Sleep Number® Bed corporation.


"Good morning, will the AIRPRO air bed parts work with the NEW 360 Sleep Number® Bed Smart Beds 360siq01D (Smart 360) air bed pump and air mattress?  I will need to replace the fittings on both ends at the pump and air chambers and may need to upgrade other support foam parts as well.  If you look at these pictures, the port is angled at 90 degree's to allow the hose to run out to the sides. How can I repair this?"

360 Port on  Sleep Number® Beds


With the port of the NEW Sleep Number® 360 Smart Beds coming out at a 90 degree angle, If the port is in tact, recommend adding the M236 Large Hose and rerunning the hose straight out the back of your NEW Sleep Number® 360 Smart bed by inserting a small incision to run the hose through.

This will allow the hose to run out the back of the bed to the pump underneath your mattress foundation.

Next, Install the F236 Connector on your NEW Sleep Number® 360 Smart Bed Pump Hose and connect together.


Air Chamber for 360 Sleep Number® Beds


NEW 360 Pump for Sleep Number® Beds

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