Replacement Support foam for Sleep Number® beds from Air Bed Pros

Replacement Support foam for Sleep Number® beds from Air Bed Pros

Purchase Replacement Support Foam for Sleep Number® Beds

  • We do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Brand Support Foam Parts and we are in no way affiliated with the  Sleep Number® bed corp. 


If your shopping for the best way to replace support foam in your Sleep Number® bed, I can you help you find high quality support foam parts!  If your on a budget and need to get the parts soon to add support back to your bed, we can help. We offer bundle prices by using coupon code FF15 at checkout.

Below you will find a list of the Support Foam Parts available from Air Bed Pros for Sleep Number® beds. 


Interlocking Support Foam Rails

Air Bed Pros 6 Inch Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® beds

6 inch support foam rails are used in most performance series and classic series Sleep Number® beds with the average height of air chambers being 6 inches these rails will fit in most standard design Sleep Number® beds.


Air Bed Pros 8 Inch Support Foam Rails for Sleep Number® beds

8 inch support foam rails are used in higher end air beds to provide enough space for a base foam insert below the air chambers. This Base Foam is designed to break your pressure point from the shoulder and hip when air is fully let out of your air chambers.


Support Foam Inserts

Air Bed Pros Base Foam Insert for Sleep Number® beds

Base foam inserts are used in conjunction with 8 inch support foam rails to go below the air chambers as a riser pad. This design Base Foam Insert provides support below the air chambers to add pressure point reduction to your body.


Air Bed Pros INRail Foam Insert for Sleep Number® beds

INRail foam inserts fit inside the foam rails above the air chambers to ease the transition from the left side to the right. The In Rail design levels off the air bed after you let air out of the air chambers preventing bed sagging.

Air Bed Pros OVRail Foam Insert for Sleep Number® beds

OVRail foam inserts extend over the top of your support foam rails. This OVRail design allows for comfort above the firm support foam rails. Adding comfort along with support will increase your adjustability making your Sleep Number® bed perform better than new.



Replacement Mattress Covers

Air Bed Pros 6 Inch Mattress Cover for Sleep Number® beds

6 inch mattress covers are standard for most air chamber beds. With the most common height of air chambers and support foam rails being 6 inches also, this is the standard size on the market in the United States.


Air Bed Pros 8 Inch Mattress Cover for Sleep Number® beds

8 inch mattress covers offer the same cool to touch bamboo fabric and allow for a 6 inch rail plus a 2 inch OVRail foam insert inside the 8 inch bamboo zip on top panel replacement mattress cover.


Air Bed Pros 10 Inch Mattress Cover for Sleep Number® beds

10 inch mattress covers allow for a 8 inch foam rail! This 10 inch replacement mattress cover holds the high end extra firm 8 inch rails! Making it also fit the Base Foam and INRail Foam Inserts to sandwich the air chambers and prevent bed sagging while adding comfort. The 10 inch cavity allows for 8 inch rails and OVRail foam insert for comfort above the comfortable cool to touch bamboo fabric cover.


Air Bed Pros 12 Inch Mattress Cover for Sleep Number® beds

12 inch mattress covers hold 8 inch rails, base foam, inrail foam, and 2 over rail foam inserts for a total of 12 inches inside the mattress cover. With this much comfort and support, it compares to top line air beds on the market.


These Support Foam Parts are designed to prevent bed sagging in the support section of Sleep Number® Beds. 


We do not sell Sleep Number® Support Foam Inserts, SleepIQ® technology, or any other Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® products or services and we are in No Way Affiliated with Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, and SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes.


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