How to Repair Air Bed Leaks - Air Bed Repair

How to Repair Air Bed Leaks - Air Bed Repair

Air Bed Repair 


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First, to Repair an Air Leak in your Air Bed you will need to locate the leak. This can be difficult at times, but try to look for areas of the mattress that may have creases or ware as they can cause leaks. 


Finding the Air Leak

To find the leak, fill the mattress up to full and spray down with a premixed Clorox Kitchen or bathroom cleaner solution to see the leak, it will cause bubbles.

If after this test you do not see leaks, be sure to PUSH IN on the air Bed mattress to force air out at the leak. This will force bubbles to form where the air leak is at.


Use Original Brown Gorilla Glue 

Next, use a strong Latex core patch that is canvas reinforced for a good seal. Apply a small amount of brown liquid gorilla glue to the area. Then apply your patch. Be sure to check the area for other holes as this may not be your only air Bed leak.


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