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I specialize in Repairing Sleep Number® Beds!

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Hello, and welcome to my website ~ My name is Brandon and my fans call me the AIRPRO!

I specialize in Repairing and Rebuilding Sleep Number® Beds!

 ~ We do not sell Sleep Number® Bed products and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.
My mission is to provide Sleep Number® Bed owners with the specialized support they needed with their Sleep Number® Beds that they could not obtain from the manufacturer!
After listening to them and the problems they were having, I began to work on designing inexpensive and highly functional repair parts to sell online. I found I could invent items based on how the repair needed to be. (Air Leaks) more commonly, consumers would call me with questions about air leaks and how to repair them.
With this as a focus, I began tracking down the spots where they would most commonly leak from. (Air Bed Connection) with most owners of Sleep Number® Beds who call for help, they are left to disassemble and troubleshoot the source of air leaks themselves before even being able to purchase expensive parts from the manufacturer. With this problem in mind, I invented the Air Leak Repair Kits for 1 Hose, 2 Hose and 4 Hose Sleep Number® Beds.
These consist of the the M236 Large Hose used to repair cracks in the fitting bonded inside Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers. The head of the fitting, (hull) can break off. This will not allow the Sleep Number® bed pump hose to attach and form an air tight seal. With the only way to test the bed from the manufacturer being to cap off the air chambers to see if they hold air.
  • Covering up the broken fitting with a cap will produce a false negative meaning consumers think the air chambers is ok and so they by an expensive Sleep Number® pump for their Sleep Number® Bed thinking this will fix it. But this causes them to still have an air leak because the broken fitting is still on the air chamber covered up by the cap.
  • This air leak repair kit works 100% of the time to repair broken air chamber fittings!
  • It also includes the f236 fitting for Sleep Number® Bed Pump hoses! These commonly dry out and or crack off.
  • As an added testing feature, if after adding the m236 large hose and f236 fitting, you still have air leaking, we include tight fitting caps (smaller than those offered by Sleep Number® to test their beds!)
  • If you find that after cap testing your Sleep Number® bed with the air leak repair kit on, you may need to patch a hole so I added patches! (No glue is sent because USPS will not allow it to be shipped)
  • With patches added, Sleep Number® bed owners can now repair air chambers and pump hose connections without replacing the chambers!
  • This leaves pumps for Sleep Number® beds being the only parts we cannot repair, in which case I have invented a new line of pumps and air chambers that can be used to repair your Sleep Number® Bed air leaks if needed!
With air leaks out of the way, I had more time to talk with customers. I began asking about other issues that they may have that I could work on. (Bed Sagging / Rolling to the middle)
Often after an air leak in a sleep number bed goes undetected for a long period of time a consumer is left tossing and turning in the night wondering what to do to fix it! This causes bed sagging!
Well, it’s simple physics really. When a persons body mass is supported on the air chambers, the air chambers themselves rely on firm support on all four sides in order to be able to raise and lower your body properly! Once the air leak happens, the sleeper begins to move or roll over, causing tears in the top foam layers and compressing and stretching out the fabric that holds the rails in.
This allows the rails to move out, preventing them from providing needed support. In turn, the consumer has a sagging bed that causes them to roll to one side or the other. (Rolling to the middle) rolling can occur in sleep number beds once the side support for the air chambers has been lost, the air chambers bulge out which pulls in the sides even more so that it can raise your body up.
Once this happens, the air inside sleep number bed air chambers can only move from left to right until it gets to the sidewalls that allow it to go up a row or down a row. The air mostly travels from left to right, causing the sleeper to roll to the middle because the center foam collapses under pressure unlike the side rails that have a little more support than the center foam.
To begin to repair bed sagging, I came up with a side Dominant support rail system the provides interlocking firm support to sleep number bed air chambers. Why to only begin? Because adding them by themselves to your Sleep Number Bed will not solve bed sagging alone, when added to your existing cover, they may fit loose almost like loosing 50 lbs and then putting your pants back on! They are just not going to fit tightly.
So, you might try adding a piece of INRail foam or Overrail foam if needed. Buying these foam parts by themselves are a little more expensive, but when bundled together with other items like a mattress cover, they provide consumers with the look and feel of a New Sleep Number® Bed at a fraction of the cost by using my AIRPRO Air Bed Parts to Rebuild Sleep Number® Beds!
When Rebuilding your Sleep Number® Bed, consider doing it from the Adjustable Bed Frame up!
By doing this, you will be able to start from the bottom, with AIRPRO power adjustable bed frames that provide head and foot elevation, orbital massage motors at the head and feat for increased blood flow, under bed lighting for easy installation, and much needed USB inputs to charge your devices. Providing you with a Sleek, functional and affordable adjustable bed frame.
Rebuild your Sleep Number® Bed from the ground up at airBEDpros today!

Brandon Fry - Inventor
1211 Old Smelter Road Union Mo 63084
(314) 599-2777 

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