Let's Talk Beds

Let's Talk Beds

Let's Talk Beds!


If you are shopping in the market today for a Mattress there are a few things you need to know. In this blog we will go over traditional beds, memory foam myths, and air beds in the hype behind them. 


First, if you are shopping today for a New Mattress, This will be valuable information before you shop.


With this concept of "Mattress" being One Piece, they are all made up of several pieces which most styles do not allow for taking them apart. 

With Most beds being fully stitched together and sometimes glued in place, consumers can not alter the bed except with Mattress Toppers.


With Some allowing you to zip off Only the top, at least you would be able to launder it and put it back on, but most likely can not purchase a new zip on top for it from the manufacturer.


I want to show you a new design that will allow you to upgrade your mattress over time as needed allowing you to customize it to your comfort level. I know, this is a long process, but if we can talk beds, I'll walk you through it.


Looking at memory foam beds on the market?

Here is what to look for. First, most have no side rails! This means it is only a firm support core and thin layer of memory foam or latex often times glued to the support core. This gives the look of a Solid Memory Foam or Latex Mattress when in fact it is only the top or thin layer of Luxury foams layered with lesser expensive foams.

With Our Mattresses, You will be able to access all p[arts and replace them at affordable parts over time. Sounds great right? Read On >>>


If you are purchasing a memory foam or latex bed, it will have only one comfort level that will diminish over time. 


Any Questions >>> Contact Me, Brandon the AIRPRO or post a Question to this Blog and I'll Talk Beds With you....



Considering a Sleep Number® Bed?

If you own a SleepNumber Bed, you may already know that they can be upgraded over time and in most cases you can strip them down to the air bed pump and air chamber system and rebuild them with new parts, but you will have to look deeper inside them to see how they are designed. This will help you understand how to build your next bed!


We do not sell Sleep Number® Bed products and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.


Let's Talk Beds - Build Your Next Bed Here

Imagine if you could pick how thick your bed would be, then decide what support to use, then pick your favorite comfort layers, and in the same bed, have your partner choose theirs? Truly a Two Person Bed Built for comfort! This is where my concept takes off.



Talk a Look at the core structure of our support section. It consists of the Lower Zipper Cover, NON Stretch Side Panels reinforce the Nylon Rapped Foam Support Rails that wedge in place!


Side Dominant Support Rails Inside Lower Encasement.


Let's Build a Better Bed Together

With this Firm Support on the sides, we can add what you like. On one side, choose adjustable air with a remote to control the support level, on the other side you can have air as well or add layers of high quality foam to create the comfort you desire from EXTRA FIRM to softer than you want.



It is possible and you can do it!

Need Help or have questions? I can Help. When you are ready to Talk Beds, give me a call. My name is Brandon and I will be happy to help!

Brandon Fry AIRPRO @ AirBedPros.com (314) 599-2777 


Let's Build a Better Bed Together!

One with High Quality Parts that are Upgradeable Interchangeable and washable as well as replaceable over time!



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