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My sleep number bed is not holding air, can it be repaired?

Posted by Brandon Fry on

My sleep number bed is not holding air, can sir leaks be repaired?

 ~ We do not sell Sleep Number® Bed products and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.


When I'm asked if a Sleep Number® bed air leak can it be repaired? I'll always say start with the least expensive way by replacing the connectors, then if you have to, replace an air bed pump or air chamber. There is no reason to spend money replacing these in most cases.


These are the Air Bed Repair Parts you will need to start your repair


Repair parts needed for Sleep Number Bed air leaks include;


Patch Kits
M236 Large Hose
M236 Small Hose
F236 or F236 Small Connector
M236 Connector
Air Chamber Cap

  1. Use M236 large hose for broken o ring on the air chamber port.
  2. Use M236 small hose if your fitting came out of the air chamber.



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