Do I have a Split King vs Eastern King Sleep Number® Bed

Do I have a Split King vs Eastern King Sleep Number® Bed

Are you trying to figure out if you have a Split King or a Eastern King Sleep Number® Bed?


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A Split King is really 2 twin xl beds put together that share one pump for use with adjustable bed frames so one person can have their head and feet up and the other can lay flat. With extra extension hoses you will be able to use one pump with two twin xl air beds on adjustable bed frames to raise and lower your head and feet.


When you measure the Split King (2) 38 x 80 = 76 x 80 Eastern King - funny right?


The concept of two adjustable beds together to make one bed has its down sides.


The real difference is the added foam rails through the center. These extra inner rails fit inside the two twin xl zip on covers to support the inner walls. This makes The air chamber 4 inches narrower than the EKing.


If you are considering converting your Split King to a One piece, or vis versa, we can help. We offer tips for every situation you may have. 


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