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Steps to repairing a Dream Number Bed Air Leak

Posted by Brandon Fry on

Steps to repairing a Dream Number Bed Air Leak

Be sure to purchase your Air Leak Repair Kit for Dream Number Beds


Then Start by;

Removing the O-rings from ports on pump

Cut fittings off at end of air chamber hoses

Cut 1 foot of hose off of each and push bare end directly over pump ports

Insert male fittings inside air chamber hoses

Insert female fitting inside pump hoses

Then connect the two sides.

By adding this new style connection, you will eliminate the connection from being an air leak and can now test the system.

Start by inflating the air chambers to full and see if they hold.

If an air leak - switch hoses from left to right to see if the air leak moves

If it does, it is your pump having a bad side

If the air leak does not move, you have an air leak in the chamber and this will require testing it to find the spot leaking in the canvas and use the patch provided to seal the hole in your air chamber.

You will need Brown Gorilla Glue. It works best for this repair. Classic Brown Gorilla Glue!

Hope this helps,

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