What to do about the split between two air mattresses

What to do about the split between two air mattresses

Split between mattresses in air beds


What to do about the split between two mattresses by Brandon Fry inventor and airpro at airbedpros.com


I’ll try to walk you through the steps now and then I can upload pictures and a short how to video for “What to do about the gap or split between two air mattresses and how to best address the issues around bed sagging.


My focus in this article is to help you understand what makes air beds sag and how the gap or split between two mattresses can cause problems for sleepers. In an air Bed that offers two air mattresses inside (called air chambers) that require firm support on all four sides. This is what allows the top of the air chamber to contour to your body properly.


To Lock the air mattresses together - use our Foam Support Rail System to provide interlocking support on all four sides of your air chambers! These foam rails have a nylon fabric wrap that connects the left and right side rails together with only enough space for the air chambers inside. This design also reinforces the lower zipper mattress cover that can stretch over time.


The air chambers should respond and support your body entirely with complete control. The ability to adjust the level of support in each air chamber is controlled by a remote. This remote controls the air pressure in the air chamber. Your air bed mattress should work properly during the night without air loss to provide you with the best support for a great night sleep.


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