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Support Foam Parts for Sleep Number® Beds

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  • We do not sell Sleep Number® bed foam parts.

Support Foam Air Bed Parts


Over time support foam parts of a Sleep Number® bed can break down, becoming less supportive and causing bed sagging and rolling to the middle.


Use AIRPRO Support Foam Parts to repair Sleep Number® Bed Sagging by locking the air chambers together and add a Support Foam Insert to take up the extra space inside the mattress cover.


Your Sleep Number® bed mattress cover can stretch out after years of use much like your favorite pair of jeans. The fabric can become thin or your support foam insert can tear and foam rails may begin to bow out or sag.


You can Prevent Bed-Sagging by Installing our Support Foam Bundle that locks the Air Chambers together, providing firm support on all four sides of the chambers so they can respond better to your body!



Contact AirBed Pros at 314-599-2777 for Support Foam Parts Compatible with your Sleep Number® bed today. 

Our Support Foam Air Bed Parts and Mattress Covers are designed for use with all Sleep Number® Beds!


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